Transmitter Pro

Compatibility with units & cameras


Please note:
The Transmitter Plus is a universal transmitter compatible with most brands and cameras with a classic hot-shoe.
The Transmitter Pro is a transmitter offering a display and additional functions such as HSS or TTL but is only compatible with brands, cameras, and units listed on this page.

The story behind the Skyport protocol
Elinchrom produced three different EL-Skyport protocol versions over the past years.

Every new Skyport generation did offer additional new features and improved performance, but still, it is possible to use the recent feature like Hi-Sync with earlier versions of the EL-Skyport receivers either built-in Elinchrom flash units or as a plug-in module.

Please find in the compatibility chart your version and the available features, when used with the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro.


1st generation

EL-Skyport Transceiver RX plug-in module for Style RX, Digital RX, Ranger RX, and Ranger Quadra. The units with the Transceiver RX can be detected and displayed but their power levels will not be displayed. Their power levels can however be adjusted.
Please note; these units cannot be controlled independently but all together or in groups.


2nd generation

Built-in EL-Skyport module Mk1 for BRX, D-Lite RX, and Ranger Quadra series (Ranger Quadra RX, Ranger Quadra Hybrid AS RX).
These units can be detected with their power levels displayed and adjusted.


3rd generation

Built-in EL-Skyport module Mk2 for ELCELC Pro HD, ELB 400, ELB 500 TTL, ELB 1200.
These units can be detected with their power levels displayed and adjusted.
This generation also offers extended distance range.


Compatible cameras


Transmitter Pro for Canon

Firmware v3.2

  • 10D
  • 20D
  • 30D
  • 40D
  • 50D
  • 60D
  • 70D
  • 77D
  • 80D
  • 90D
  • 100D
  • 200D
  • 200DII
  • 250D (Kiss X10/Rebel SL3)
  • 400D
  • 450D (Kiss X2)
  • 500D (Kiss X3)
  • 550D
  • 600D
  • 650D
  • 700D
  • 750D
  • 760D
  • 800D
  • 850D
  • 1000D
  • 1100D *
  • 1200D
  • 1300D
  • 1500D
  • 2000D (Kiss X90/Rebel T7)
  • 3000D
  • 4000D (Rebel T100)
  • 5D
  • 5D Mark II
  • 5D Mark III
  • 5D Mark IV
  • 5DS
  • 5DSR
  • 6D
  • 6D Mark II
  • 7D
  • 7D Mark II
  • 1D
  • 1D Mark II
  • 1D Mark II N
  • 1D Mark III
  • 1D Mark IV
  • 1DS
  • 1DS Mark II
  • 1DS Mark III
  • 1DX
  • 1DX Mark II
  • G1X *
  • G1X Mark II *
  • G6 *
  • G12 *
  • EOS M **
  • EOS M2 **
  • EOS M3 *
  • EOS M5 *
  • EOS M6 *
  • EOS M6 II *
  • EOS R **
  • EOS R3 **
  • EOS R5 **
  • EOS R6 **
  • EOS R6 Mark II
  • EOS RP **
  • EOS M50 **
  • EOS M50 II **

** AF Light unavailable
* Hi-Sync / HSS / TTL not compatible
– Not compatible with Elinchrom Transmitters

Last update on 01/25/2023


Transmitter Pro for Pentax

Firmware v3.2

  • K-1 Mark II
  • K-5
  • K-7
  • 645Z

Last update on 11.03.2019


Transmitter Pro for Nikon

Firmware v3.3

  • D40
  • D40X
  • D60
  • D70
  • D70s
  • D80
  • D90
  • D200
  • D300
  • D300s
  • D780
  • D3000
  • D3100
  • D3200
  • D3300
  • D3400
  • D3500
  • D5000
  • D5100
  • D5200
  • D5300
  • D5500
  • D5600
  • D7000
  • D7100
  • D7200
  • D7500
  • D500
  • D600
  • D610
  • D700
  • D750
  • D800
  • D810
  • D850
  • D2Hs *
  • D2X *
  • D2Xs *
  • D3
  • D3X
  • D3s
  • D4
  • D5
  • P1000 *
  • Z f
  • Z fc
  • Z5
  • Z50 **
  • Z6 **
  • Z6II **
  • Z7 **
  • Z7II **
  • Z9 **
    Like other flash brands, several users have reported sync issues using the Z9. We are currently investigating these problems.

** AF Light unavailable
* Hi-Sync / HSS / TTL not compatible

Last update on 23.02.2023


Transmitter Pro for Fujifilm

Firmware v3.2

  • X100F
  • X-A5 **
  • X-E2S **
  • X-E3
  • X-E4
  • X-T100 **
  • X-T200
  • X-T1
  • X-T2
  • X-T3
  • X-T4
  • X-T5
  • X-T20
  • X-T30
  • X-T30 II
  • X-Pro2
  • X-Pro3
  • X-H1
  • X-H2S
  • X-T5
  • X-S10
  • GFX 50R **
  • GFX 50S **
  • GX 50S II
  • GFX 100 **
  • GFX 100S **,   

** AF Light unavailable

Note: in Hi-Sync or HSS, disable “Silent Mode” on the camera (MS/ES mode).

Last update on 23.01.2023


Transmitter Pro for Sony

Firmware v3.2

  • A1 **
  • A33
  • A35 *
  • A37
  • A55
  • A57
  • A65
  • A7 **
  • A7 II **
  • A7 III **
  • A7 IV **
  • A7C **
  • A7r **
  • A7r II **
  • A7r III **
  • A7r IV **
  • A7s **
  • A7s II **
  • A77 **
  • A77 II
  • A9
  • A99 **
  • A99V **
  • A99 II
  • A100
  • A230 *
  • A290
  • A330
  • A350
  • A380
  • A390
  • A450
  • A500
  • A550
  • A560
  • A580
  • A700 **
  • A850 **
  • A6000 **
  • A6100 **
  • A6300 **
  • A6400 **
  • A6500 **
  • A6600 **
  • FX3
  • RX1 *
  • NEX-7K **
  • ZV-1 **

** AF Light unavailable
* Hi-Sync / HSS / TTL not compatible

In Hi-Sync or HSS, disable “Silent Mode” on the camera.

Last update on 27.09.2022

Olympus / Panasonic

Transmitter Pro for Olympus / Panasonic
Please note this product has been discontinued

Firmware v3.01

  • E-M1
  • E-M5
  • E-M5 Mark II
  • E-M10
  • E-M10 Mark II
  • PEN-F
  • E-P5
  • E-PL5
  • E-PL6
  • E-PL7
  • E-PL9
  • E-PM2
  • E-5 **
  • E-410
  • G1
  • G7
  • GH4
  • GX8 *
  • GX85 *
  • LX100
  • FZ300 *
  • FZ1000 *

** AF Light unavailable
* Hi-Sync / HSS / TTL not compatible

Last update on 09.01.2019

Compatible units

Elinchrom units
Display on
 Elinchrom ONE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Elinchrom THREE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Elinchrom FIVE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 ELB 500 TTL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 D-Lite RX One/2 No No Yes Yes Yes
4 Yes (HS)
 ELC 125 / 500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 ELC Pro HD 500/1000 No No Yes Yes Yes
 Transmitter Plus No No Yes No Yes (by 2.5mm Jack sync socket)
 Receiver Plus No No No No Yes
Elinchrom legacy units



Transmitter Pro and compatibility

How to trigger up to 1/8000s.

If you use a DSLR camera and want to trigger higher than 1/200s keep in mind that the final Sync Speed depends on the camera, camera electronics, mechanics, software, digital chip size, etc.
A faster synchronization is only possible with some mirrorless cameras that can sync up to 1/1000s or even shorter.
To go higher than the average speed of your DSLR camera (1/200s mostly), please look for the Transmitter Pro. The Hi-Sync or HSS feature allows you to go up to 1/8000s shutter speed.

Learn more about Hi-Sync and HSS technology.

Transmitter Pro and unit compatibility

A list of compatible cameras and flash units with the Transmitter Pro is available here.

What is HSS, Hi-Sync or HS?

HSS and Hi-Sync allow you to achieve high shutter speed.

  • Hi-Sync (HS) is an Elinchrom technology that is similar to HyperSync from PocketWizard but is much easier to use and produces better results.
  • High Speed Sync (HSS), on the other hand, in general, is a less powerful tool.
    But, with ELB 500 TTL, ELC, and Elinchrom ONE/FIVE, we have been able to optimize HSS to the point that it is not dissimilar in power to Hi-Sync, thus making Elinchrom’s HSS the most powerful HSS from comparable powered units on the market to date.

More information about HS and HSS technologies.

What is ODS?

ODS means Over Drive Sync in Hi-Sync mode.
It enables to fine-tune the Transmitter Pro trigger signal to optimize exposure at high shutter speeds while gaining more light.
The ODS Setup offers adjustment from 0.1 to 5.0 ms or can be switched off.
The ODS value will vary depending on the camera and the flash unit used, and must be adjusted manually.

Transmitter Pro firmware update

The firmware of the Transmitter Pro can be updated via the mini USB socket.
Please download the Elinchrom Updater software.

Transmitter distance range

The distance range of the Transmitter Plus or Pro is 200 m (656 feet) outdoors and 60 m (196 feet) indoors.

If the distance is limited, then please try the following:

  • Reposition the units.
  • Increase the distance from walls and ceilings.
  • ELSP Mode:
    In speed sync mode the distance range is reduced by approximately 50%, switch back to Normal sync mode.
  • Outdoors, the distance range could be reduced due to humidity, interference, obstacles, etc.

Change power from the Transmitter is not working

Please make sure your Elinchrom unit and Transmitter are both updated with the latest firmware.

Use a Transmitter Pro for Canon on a Nikon camera and reverse

Yes, you can use it but in manual mode only.
Only the hot-shoe middle contact is available to trigger Elinchrom flash units.
You can use a Canon Transmitter Pro on a Nikon camera or a Nikon Transmitter Pro on a Canon in manual mode.
You can still control power and see the unit displayed on the Transmitter.
Keep in mind HS, HSS and ODS features are not available and will not have any effect.

Change ID unit number

It is not possible to change the flash unit ID numbers.
The ID number is unique to each product and currently unchangeable.
But you can give a custom name directly from the Elinchrom App / Software.

Unit is not displayed on the Transmitter Pro

Units equipped with a plug-in Transceiver RX are limited in remote features.
These units can however be triggered and controlled (but with no visual feedback) by the Transmitter Pro.
For more information about compatibility, please check this page.

Gradient, banding and clipping

Gradient refers to the homogeneity of the picture when shooting above the X-sync.
Gear optimized for Hi-Sync, such as the Quadra HS head, limits this gradient effect.
With gear compatible with HSS, this gradient effect doesn’t exist.

Clipping and banding are the same.
Banding is the black band on the picture that occurs without Hi-Sync or HSS technology.
The light out of flash is not synchronized correctly to shutter speed and creates that black band.

ELSP mode

The Skyport Transmitter system has 2 operating modes that offer different shooting functionalities.

NORMAL Sync Mode
Green LED – 200 m (656’) working range – Synchro is limited to X-Sync.

SPEED Sync Mode
Red LED – 100 m (328’) working range – Synchro is limited to X-Sync but enables faster shutter speeds only on digital medium format cameras.

To use shutter speeds of up to 1/8000s, the HS / Hi-Sync mode must be activated on the Transmitter Pro when used in both Normal and Speed mode.

Read more about the ELSP mode.

What is Auto Mod?

In the Auto Mod setting, you can decide to activate the modeling lamp to help you focus on your subject.

2 options are available:

  • Shutter; When you press the shutter of your camera, the modeling lamp turns on. This feature is only available on Canon.
  • DOF; When you press the DOF button of your camera, the modeling lamp turns on.

Blue and green light

The blue light in the back of the Transmitter Pro is the TTL communication with the camera.
The green light in the front of the Transmitter Pro is the EL-Skyport communication between the transmitter and the Elinchrom flash unit.

How to setup Hi-Sync/HSS ?

Hi-Sync or HSS mode is detected automatically.
Enabling the Hi-Sync/HSS feature is very simple but different for each camera.
However, some cameras need a specific setup to be able to engage Hi-Sync or HSS.
How to setup hi-sync / hss mode.


No AF assist light

AF assist works only in very dark environments, and some camera models may not support this feature.

HS and HSS in the same setup

Yes, TTL Elinchrom units integrated into an existing Elinchrom setup with Hi-Sync and HSS altogether work seamlessly.

Read more about this.

Transmitter Pro and Skyport Plus HS? What is the difference?

There is no difference; both names refer to the same product.
Skyport Plus HS is the Transmitter Pro‘s previous name and is no longer used.
Starting from firmware 2.1, bringing TTL compatibility with compatible units, the Skyport Plus HS became Transmitter Pro.

Firmware release notes

Impossible to go higher than 1/200s shutter speed

Hi-Sync or HSS mode is detected automatically with compatible units.
However, some cameras need a specific setup to be able to engage Hi-Sync or HSS:

How to setup hi-sync / hss mode.

  • Always check if you have the latest firmware installed.
  • If you use higher shutter speeds 1/400s and more, you should see a little “HS” symbol in the upper bar of the Transmitter Pro; this indicates that hi-sync is active.
  • Try different shutter speeds.
  • A decent grading over the image is unavoidable; this is the relation between camera chip size and the flash duration of the unit.
  • Try to use lower flash power settings. Hi-Sync requires a longer flash duration.
  • On the Transmitter  Pro, you find the ODS settings. Try to play with this setting to shift the exposure window to the best possible sync result.

What unit is TTL compatible?

The Elinchrom ONE/THREE/FIVE, the ELB 500 TTL, and the ELC 125/500 are compatible with TTL along with the Transmitter Pro.

For more information, please check the compatibility chart.

I don’t see my camera as HSS / TTL compatible.

If your camera is not listed as compatible, it simply means that it has not yet been tested with all possible features.
Don’t worry, you can test it, it will not have any negative effect on the camera.

What unit is HSS compatible?

Please check the compatibility chart to know what unit is HSS compatible.

Read more