D-Lite RX 4

Start experimenting now

Discover the best and most straightforward strobe for new explorers.

Start your new adventure off on the right foot with powerful equipment that’s uncomplicated and intuitive to use: the Elinchrom D-Lite RX range.

Produce sharper images thanks to short flash durations and get accurate exposure with consistent color, saving you time and money in post-production. D-Lite RX Monolights are compatible with Elinchrom’s extensive line of light modifiers and come packed with all the features you need.

Move forward, it’s time to explore an illuminating new territory.

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Bright start

With either 100 Ws or 400 Ws packed into one uncomplicated and reliable unit, the D-lite RX One and D-Lite RX 4 are excellent starting points for an adventure into strobes.

Look sharp

Produce sharper images thanks to the shorter flash durations and produce better images with a faithful renditions of colors.

Take control

Take full control of your lighting from atop your camera. With the Elinchrom Transmitter Plus you can break free and shoot cordless.

Move on up
Built to last for the long run and compatible with Elinchrom’s wide-ranging line of light shapers: D-lite RX monolights are the first building blocks to a lighting kit that can grow with you as a photographer.

Set-up is easy. Just control each flash from the camera, then shoot.

Get started with flash
with the kit you need

Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann used the Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4 for a fun fashion shoot in Barcelona.


D-Lite RX Dual Kits
The ultimate starter kits for photographers

All you need to start with lighting.

With the D-Lite RX One Dual Kit and D-Lite RX 4 Dual Kit, you can take the first steps towards a studio of your own by building one in whatever space you have available, be it a spare room, garage, or even your living room. These versatile two-light kits are comprised of everything you need for basic studio lighting set-ups.​

Compatible with the full family of Elinchrom light shapers, these power-packed starter kits will take you places you never dreamed of going before.

Choose the power depending on your needs

2 different powers

  • D-Lite RX ONE 100 Ws
  • D-Lite RX 4 400 Ws
Prefer 100 Ws for smaller spaces or 400 Ws for more flexibility.

Get set for your next adventure.

D-Lite RX – Kits

Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE - Dual Monolight Kit


Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4 - Dual Monolight Kit


What's included?

D-Lite RX ONE – Dual Monolight Kit
2x D-Lite RX ONE – EL20485.1
1x Transmitter Plus – EL19368
1x Sync Cable PC-3.5 / 5 m 1 – EL11088
1x Portalite Square Softbox 66cm (26″) – EL26129
1x Portalite Octa Softbox 56cm (22″) – EL26152
1x Deflector Translucent – EL26305
1x Tube case for D-Lite – EL33198
1x Tripod Set 2 – EL30162

What's included?

D-Lite RX 4 – Dual Monolight Kit
2x D-Lite RX 4 – EL20487.1
1x Transmitter Plus – EL19368
1x Sync Cable PC-3.5 / 5 m – EL11088
1x Portalite Square Softbox 66cm (26″) – EL26129
1x Portalite Octa Softbox 56cm (22″) – EL26152
1x Deflector Translucent – EL26305
1x Tube case for D-Lite – EL33198
1x Tripod Set 2 – EL30162


D-Lite RX – Single Units

D-Lite RX ONE - Monolight


D-Lite RX 4 - Monolight



Elinchrom Storage Bag

EL33236 - Storage Bag for Elinchrom monolights with 6 separations.

Wide Reflector 16cm (6.3")

EL26170 - Gives a wide even coverage, excellent for copy work, single light source or large groups photography. Ideal when used with an umbrella as this reflector evenly illuminates the umbrella (no central hot spot).

Protective Cap

EL27124 - The Protective Cap is for storing and transporting units and fits all Elinchrom Monolight flash units and flash heads. 90mm high.

Flashtube open ring plug in 400 J

EL24009 - This is a long-life quality UV coated plug-in standard flashtube.

Lamp 100W/90V E27


Lamp 100W/196V E27



Flash output

100 or 400 Ws

Power range

5 F-Stops

Colour temperature

5500 K

Recycling time

1.5 s or 1.2 s



D-Lite RX 4

Energy 100 Ws/J 400 Ws/J
1m, 100 ISO, Reflector 48°
32.4 64.3

Power increments
in F-Stop
1/10 to programmable 5/10 – 1/1  

Power range display
F-Stop equivalent
Power range
6 to 100 Ws 25 to 400 Ws
Power range
5 F-Stop  

Shortest flash duration
at power setting
100 Ws 400 Ws
Flash duration
t0.5 at max. power
1/2200 1/800
Sync socket 3.5 mm Jack  
Power stability ± 0.5%  
Recycling time 230 V
Fast mode
0.44 to 1.5 s 0.35 to 1.2 s
Sync voltage 5 V  
Auto power dumping Adjusts power settings automatically  
Max. power consumption
230V / 50Hz
140 150 (during charge: 370)
Max. power consumption
115V / 60Hz
170 180 (during charge: 280)
Voltage Multivoltage 90 – 260  
Length 190 mm 260 mm
Width 140 mm  
Height 190 mm  
Weight 0.9 kg 1.5 kg
Flashtube N° 24009: Plug-in, user replaceable  
Umbrella fitting Centred tube for EL-umbrellas ø 7 mm Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts  
Fan cooled Microprocessor controlled fan with thermal cut-out  
Supplied with Mains cable, sync cable, flashtube, modelling lamp and protective cap  
Colour temperature
at max. power
5500 K  
Modelling lamp
E27 100 W / 90 V (effective 150 W) – 23006  
Modelling lamp
E27 100 W / 196 V (effective 150 W) – 23002  
Modelling lamp mode Proportional, min, max, off  
Skyport type Integrated transceiver, 8 Frequency Channels and 4 Groups with full RX features  
Hi-Sync No Yes (camera dependent)


D-Lite RX ONE – Quick Start Guide

D-Lite RX ONE – User Manual

D-Lite RX 2 / 4 – Quick Start Guide

D-Lite RX 2 / 4 – User Manual


D-Lite RX

Dark slide on the picture

If a dark slide appears on your picture, this could be a sync issue when you use too short sync speeds with DSLR cameras.
You need to set the camera shutter speed at least at one value slower to maybe 1/200s or 1/160s.

Read more about flash sync.

Color temperature and consistency output

All flashes are extremely consistent in flash power output and may vary due to the glass flash tube by a 1/10th of an F-Stop or even less.
The color temperature is stable. The color shifts over 3 f-stop flash power regulation is about 200 – 300 Kelvin or even less, but when set to a certain flash power output each flash is consistent.
At minimum power, the flash color temperature tends to be warmer. At full power, it tends to be cooler, due to the voltage regulation of the capacitor for different flash power outputs.
This will not affect the image result, since studio lights are a mix of old and new units at different power levels with silver and white reflectors or Softboxes of different brands and fabrics.
The difference between a silver reflector and a softbox can show a gap in the color temperature, maybe 500 K or more.
The flash duration and specifications at full power you find in the user manuals.

Transmitter Pro and unit compatibility

A list of compatible cameras and flash units with the Transmitter Pro is available here.

Skyport generations

There are three different Elinchrom EL-Skyport flash unit generations in the market.
Every new generation offers additional new features and improved performance.

  • 1st Generation
    EL-Skyport Transceiver RX plug-in module for Style RXDigital RX and Ranger RX.
    Units with the Transceiver RX can be detected but will not be displayed power levels. Their power levels can, however, be adjusted.
  • 2nd Generation
    Built-in EL-Skyport module Mk1 for BRXD-Lite RXQuadraQuadra Hybrid.
    These units can be detected with their power levels displayed and adjusted.
  • 3rd Generation
    Built-in EL-Skyport module Mk2 for ELC Pro HD, ELC and ELB.
    These units can be detected with their power levels displayed and adjusted.
    This generation also offers an extended distance range.

Maximum weight on the D-Lite units

The D-Lite range can’t hold weight over 1.5kg.
We advise not to go beyond a Rotalux 135 cm.

How to setup Hi-Sync/HSS ?

Hi-Sync or HSS mode is detected automatically.
Enabling the Hi-Sync/HSS feature is very simple but different for each camera.
However, some cameras need a specific setup to be able to engage Hi-Sync or HSS.
How to setup hi-sync / hss mode.


Impossible to go higher than 1/200s shutter speed

Hi-Sync or HSS mode is detected automatically with compatible units.
However, some cameras need a specific setup to be able to engage Hi-Sync or HSS:

How to setup hi-sync / hss mode.

  • Always check if you have the latest firmware installed.
  • If you use higher shutter speeds 1/400s and more, you should see a little “HS” symbol in the upper bar of the Transmitter Pro; this indicates that hi-sync is active.
  • Try different shutter speeds.
  • A decent grading over the image is unavoidable; this is the relation between camera chip size and the flash duration of the unit.
  • Try to use lower flash power settings. Hi-Sync requires a longer flash duration.
  • On the Transmitter  Pro, you find the ODS settings. Try to play with this setting to shift the exposure window to the best possible sync result.

Read more