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Elinchrom Bags

Inspired by photographers for photographers, our bags for units enable you to safely transport all your Elinchrom lighting equipment and rise to your biggest challenges with peace of mind.

Bags for units

Elinchrom ONE Case

EL33250 - A lightweight, semi-rigid carry solution for an Elinchrom ONE and related accessories. This case can hold 1x Elinchrom ONE, 1x OCF Diffusion Dome, 1x 65W USB-C Wall Charger with USB-C Cable, and 1x OCF Adapter.

Elinchrom ONE-THREE Backpack

EL33252 - A rugged and comfortable carry solution featuring a removable, quick-access insert holding 2x Elinchrom ONE-THREE flashes, 2x OCF Diffusion Domes, 2x 65W USB-C Wall Chargers, and 2x OCF Adapters. The backpack also offers a 16'' laptop sleeve and additional organizer pockets.

Elinchrom THREE-FIVE case

Elinchrom THREE-FIVE Case

EL33255 - The Elinchrom THREE-FIVE Hard Case is a lightweight, semi-rigid carry solution for an Elinchrom FIVE Monolight flash and related accessories or two THREE and related accessories.

Elinchrom Storage Bag

EL33236 - Dedicated for Elinchrom compact units such as ELCs or D-Light, this bag allows you to store and keep your units in a secure and safe place.

Bags for accessories

Elinchrom Bag for Transmitters

EL33238 - This bag is designed to store the Transmitter Pro or any other Elinchrom remote controller.

Elinchrom Bag for Grids

EL33217 - Transport and store your grids or similar accessories in the most convenient way. Designed to carry grids between 18 cm and 21 cm diameter.

Classic stands

Ideal to use with all major brands of studio lighting, these stands are recommended to support lights with medium size softboxes. Thanks to their outstanding quality, Elinchom’s classic tripods are the biggest selling stands in the world and also available in kits.

Main features

Support medium sized softboxes
Compatible with most lighting brands
From 88 cm to 235 cm

Elinchrom Stand 88-235 cm


Elinchrom Stand 88-235 cm Kit


Air-cushioned stands

Be fearless. Elinchrom’s air-cushioned stands let you bring your unit down from its position without fearing that something might break. No stress.

Main features

Air-cushioned mechanics
From 105 cm to 244 cm
Interlocking design to click stands together

Air Click Stand 105-244 cm


Boom arm

Elinchrom is known for its portability. Take full advantage of your lighting gear on location with the light and small Boom Arm. Comfortably hold your lighting gear over the subject with its large rubberised handgrips to provide overhead light.

Main features

Rubberised handgrips
Quick setup
From 63 cm to 156 cm

Handheld Boom Arm 63-156 cm


Sync cables

Use sync cables to fire external flashes and studio lighting with a cord.

PC to Amphenol 5 m


PC to 3.5 mm 5 m


3.5mm to Amphenol 40cm