Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv

Seize the sunlight, shape your scene

Bring your images to life with the Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv range

Construct your characters.
Shape your scene.

Bring your images to life indoors and outdoors with the Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv: the reference for demanding photographers looking for a portable, lightweight solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Its unique folding system allows speedy setup wherever you are, and each indirect softbox comes with a heavy-duty carrier bag so you can safely transport it wherever you go.

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Raise the bar

The quality of light generated by the Indirect Litemotiv is second to none. The central mounting for the flash head places the flashtube at the point of focus inside the softbox to deliver an even light source with superb color saturation at the diffuser surface. Many famous photographers use it as a single light source for portraiture.

Increase your output

The unique reflective fabric of the Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv delivers more light output than ever while offering the same distinctive Elinchrom look. It’s heat-resistant, so you can use it with 650W hot lamps, and durable: the perfect tool for rental studios.

Venture Into the unknown

Indirect Litemotiv softboxes travel all over the world. Set up is simple and they can be quickly folded down into one carrier bag for easy transportation to your next exciting location. And once you’re there, the small rings on each side allow you to securely attach them to the ground or any other element nearby to keep them totally stable.

Join the best

On your adventurous photoshoots, compatibility is key. Elinchrom flash units are the Litemotiv’s best friend. Their integrated reflector maximizes efficiency and evens light distribution thanks to the flashtube precisely positioned from the surface. The bayonet mount is compatible with all Elinchrom flash units from 1974.

“The character of the light and the way it responds to sunlight is impressive.”

Julien Palmiha

Portability. Durability. Quality.
For even lighting with beautiful natural intensity anywhere

Julien Palmiha shaped his visionary “Living Light” project with the Indirect Litemotiv

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Choose your Softbox
Shape the soft light you want in any conditions

The Indirect Litemotiv

Indirect Litemotiv Octa Softbox 190cm (75")

EL28000 - If you’re using the reflection method of light distribution, the Octa is ideal. It delivers remarkably even illumination over the front cloth. Use it close up to your subject for the softest results, or remove the external diffuser for a crispy, high-contrast beauty shot.

Indirect Litemotiv Square Softbox 145cm (57")

EL28001 - Larger than most shooting tables, the Square can be used close up to your subject, reducing the need for multi-flashing. Thanks to its maneuverability, it saves time when experimenting with different angles and effects.

Get set for your next adventure.



Light distribution



Uniquely fast




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Article number 28001 28002 28003 28003
Size 190 cm 145 cm x 145 cm 72 cm x 175 cm 33 cm x 175 cm
Weight 5 kg 4 kg
Depth 70 cm
Supplied With Tilthead, 360° rotating system, internal & external diffusers, carrying bag


Litemotiv Indirect – User Manual