Using the Litemotiv 190


Shadow is just as important as light, was the first thing he mentioned when we asked Anoush Arbar to describe the light that the Litemotiv projects.

It was in the middle of a shoot for an online clothing catalog that we asked Anoush how he uses the 190 version of the Litemotiv, the all-new Softbox Elinchrom series.

The size of the Litemotiv 190 is imposing, which consequently allows for the use of a single light source. Obtaining a volume effect on the clothing and a shadow on the face that is between softness and intensity. This is exactly what Anoush wanted for this project: neither too strong nor too soft.

In a production context, where everything has to be rapid and efficient, the chosen Setup was extremely simple. It’s just a Litemotiv 190 with an ELC Pro HD 500 compact flash and that’s all.

The arrangement remains identical for the entire session, which allows optimize work and time. 150 poses needed to be produced in one day with only 2-3 minutes per photo.

Under these conditions, having a light with a stable and constant color temperature was extremely important. The ELC Pro HD is the perfect light for this. Not only the recycling time is phenomenal but also the color temperature remains constant.

With the necessary tools and a simple setup, repetitive work like this can be carried out very quickly, all with an impeccable quality of light.

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