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    Firmware Updater 

    Firmware Updater

    Elinchrom units can only be updated with the Elinchrom Updater Software.

    • Most recent units have a micro/mini USB socket which needs to be connected directly to your computer. 
    • For other Elinchrom units without USB socket, which require a wireless update, the Elinchrom Bridge or the EL-Skyport USB RX module is needed. 

    Please note:

    To be able to update Elinchrom units with the USB RX, do not update your Mac to the latest MacOS version; Catalina 10.15, the USB RX hardware is not compatible.

    Firmware release notes

    Download the Elinchrom Updater Software


    Software license

    Firmware Update Mode

    How to update the firmware of your unit:

    What you need:

    Set the unit into firmware update mode:

    • The Transmitter Pro (Plug the USB cable into the unit and lauch the Updater).
    • The ELB 400 (Press the MENU and ON button for 3 sec).
    • The ELB 500 TTL (Plug the USB cable into the unit).
    • The ELB 1200 (Press the USER and ON button for 3 sec).
    • The ELC 125/500 (Remove the mains cable of the unit, plug the USB cable from computer to ELC unit, reconnect the mains cable and launch the Updater).
    • The Elinchrom Bridge (Press the On/Off button for at least 5 secs).
    • The ELC Pro HD (Switch the unit OFF, hold the USER button and press ON until the display shows Firmware update.

    Note that you need the Elinchrom Bridge or the EL-Skyport USB RX MKII to update this unit.

    Firmware Release Notes

    For more informations about firmware release notes:

    Please click here