A quick start video guide

A walk through the ELB 500 TTL

Learn everything you need to know to get started with the ELB 500 TTL.

In this video we will show you the basic functions, features, and the menu system of this compact battery powered strobe pack.



Battery life tips

The following actions will help preserve battery life:

  • Verify that usage temperature of the battery averages an ambient temperature of –10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F). In lower or higher temperatures, the battery may not work properly and can sustain damage.
  • The optimal storage temperature is between 15° C and 25° C (59°F and 77°F).
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes as this may cause condensation and malfunction.
  • Do not leave your battery uncharged for more than one week.
  • Recharge your battery completely before putting it in storage, remove the battery from the unit and the fuse, which will deactivate the battery.
  • Recharge at least once every 3 months any stored battery.

Download the battery guide.

What accessory is compatible with the Quadra head?

You can use almost any Elinchrom accessory with the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II:
Read more about light shapers for the ELB 400 / 500

Transmitter Pro and unit compatibility

A list of compatible cameras and flash units with the Transmitter Pro is available here.

Battery airplane transportation regulations

Look for regulation PDF documents in the Download Center.

How to setup Hi-Sync/HSS ?

Hi-Sync or HSS mode is detected automatically.
Enabling the Hi-Sync/HSS feature is very simple but different for each camera.
However, some cameras need a specific setup to be able to engage Hi-Sync or HSS.
How to setup hi-sync / hss mode.


Why TTL on Elinchrom products?

We are in a world where we need to work faster with an efficient workflow.
This is why we introduced TTL within our portfolio of products.

Why HSS on Elinchrom products?

Previously, we only introduced products with Hi-Sync as HSS had a substantial disadvantage of power.
With the ELB 500 TTL, we have been able to optimize HSS to the point that it is not dissimilar in power to Hi-Sync, thus making Elinchrom’s HSS the most powerful HSS from comparable powered units on the market to date.

Switch from TTL to manual

TTL is only here to help you if needed.
If you don’t want TTL, you can just as easily use it in Manual mode.
You can start in TTL, lock exposure, and then switch to manual, we call this Manual Lock.

ELB 500, ELB 400, Quadra / accessories compatibility

Only the heads and the batteries are not compatible.
All Q-Mount accessories; light shapers, protective caps, and cables are compatible with the ELB 500 TTL.

ELB 500 head compared to Quadra heads

Other than the flashtube and electronics, the cable of the ELB 500 head is fixed and offers a more powerful and higher CRI LED.

No plugin cable for the ELB 500 Head

The power cord is attached to the ELB 500 Head permanently and is not removable.

What is Active Charge?

Active Charge is a feature that enables you to charge while using the unit without damaging its battery.

What is Action Mode?

On Elinchrom TTL units (ELB 500, ELC, ONE) Action ON means that the focus is on providing the fastest flash duration while trading a bit of colour temperature stability.
Action OFF means that the focus is on providing the best possible color temperature stability while trading flash duration speed.

The ELB 500 TTL compared to the ELB 400

The ELB 500 TTL offers 100 Ws more power, an easy-to-use and large interface, TTL, HSS, full asymmetry, and to do so, a completely new internal circuitry.
The ELB 500 TTL also offers only one type of head to shoot all kinds of various photography possible.

ELB 500 TTL minimum power

The minimum power is 0.1 / approx. 7.1 Ws.
At this power level, the flash duration in Action mode is 1/20000s.
Measured with an 18 cm Reflector at 2m distance with 100 ISO and F-stop 2.8 at 9/10th.

Note, where very low powers are required, it is still possible to use the daylight-balanced dimmable modeling lamp.

Elinchrom TTL units in a classic Elinchrom setup

Yes, you can use Elinchrom TTL units together with older Elinchrom flash units, but only in Manual mode, of course.

ELB 500 TTL remote options

The ELB 500 TTL integrates 2 remote options:

  • Elinchrom Skyport: Compatible with the Elinchrom Transmitter Plus and Transmitter Pro and all Elinchrom units with built-in Skyport or Elinchrom Receiver Plus attached can be triggered together.
  • Phottix Odin II: Compatible with Phottix Odin II transmitters and Phottix products with built-in Odin II or Phottix Odin II receivers.

ELB 500 TTL firmware update

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Download the EL-Updater and install the software:
  2. Connect the USB cable to the computer, and the ELB 500 TTL unit will switch automatically in update mode.
  3. Start the updater on your computer and follow the instructions displayed.

If you work with Mac, the software may not install. Please go to system preferences and allow to install this application.

Using the ELB units on mains

The life span of the battery is not affected while using the battery packs on mains.
You can leave the charger connected, but if you shot with high flash power in short cycles, the battery will discharge even with the charger connected.
If you do not use full power flashes, the unit can take a breath after a series of flashes, and the unit will not overheat. Don’t place the unit in the sun or close to heating systems, and take care that there is air circulation, not using the unit in a bag or similar.

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