Reflector & Grid

Tailor style and mood with these lighting tools

Light shaping with power & versatility

Reflectors & grids create a harder and focused light with more contrast and offering maximum light output for punchy and crispy images.

Manufactured to meet the highest standards, hard reflectors are essential for any adventurous photographer

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Wide Angle

Umbrella compatible

Elinchrom wide angle reflectors suit photographers who need a bright single light source for even illumination with umbrellas and backgrounds, copy work or large groups photography.

Main features

Wide and even coverage
Ideal with umbrellas

Wide Reflector 16 cm 90° (6.3")

Obtain a bright single light source for even illumination with umbrellas and backgrounds.

Beauty Dish

Perfect for beauty shots and portrait work

Choose a beauty dish to achieve better definition of facial features. They give slightly harder lighting than a softbox and are available in white or silver. White offers a softer touch for glamourous images and silver offers extra contrast for stunning images.

The included Deflector Kit allows you to modify tone and softness.

To further soften the light opt for a showercap diffuser. To reduce light spread with more control and precision, opt for Elinchrom’s Beauty Dish Grids.

Main features

Perfect for beauty and portrait work
White or Silver options
44 cm / 55° or 70 cm / 64°
Deflector Kit included

Elinchrom Silver Beauty Dish

The Silver Beauty Dish offers extra contrast for stunning portrait images. Available in 2 sizes 44 cm 55° and 77 cm 64°

Elinchrom White Beauty Dish

The White Beauty Dish offers a softer touch for glamourous images. Available in 2 sizes 44 cm 55° and 77 cm 64°.

Grid Reflector

Once you’ve tried them, you can’t live without them

Take control of your lighting with Elinchrom’s Grid reflectors.

Elinchrom grid reflectors generally combine higher output with a good spread of light. Grids can be fitted to limit the light spread and offer sharper shadows. This particularly suits photographers who want a general purpose reflector for travelling.

A dedicated Light Shaper Carrier for barndoors and filters is also available for the Elinchrom Standard Reflector 21 cm 50° (8.2″).

Main features

Higher output
Control light spread with grids
Sharper shadows with grids
Available in kits

Grid Reflector 18 cm 70°

The Grid Reflector 18 cm is a general purpose reflector for travelling and can be used for direct or indirect lighting with Elinchrom Umbrellas.

Standard Reflector 21 cm 50°

The Standard Reflector 21 cm combines high output with a good spread of light, the grids limit light spread and offers sharper shadows.

High Performance

These power-packed reflectors will take you further

When you need power on location, these are the best reflectors to take with you. The deeper shape is more directional and creates a distinct fall-off.

Main features

Maximise light output
Directional light

High Performance Reflector 26 cm 48°

This reflector produces a concentrated beam of light for maximum light intensity. It is suitable for outdoor and action photography.

Maxi White Reflector 40 cm 59°

The Maxi White reflector has a matt white finish providing a very focussed and even effect. It shows softer shadows with very even highlights and a wider light beam of 59°.

Maxi Silver Reflector 40 cm 33°

With a very efficient bright silver finish for maximum light output, this reflector is designed for hard and brilliant highlights, with a narrow light beam of 33°.

Special Reflectors

Dedicated to your studio set up

Designed to meet specific demands, these reflectors are great additions to any photographer’s studio.

The Background Reflector is a simple but effective reflector that has been produced for the specific purpose of illuminating backgrounds. It is mounted onto a head and placed on a low-level stand and will give an attractive illumination perfect for portrait photography.

The Snoot can be easily used to create a small accent light or to illuminate a specific area on a product. Ideal for tight areas of light.

The little plates of the Deflectors allow you to modify the hardness and softness of your lights.

Main features

Dedicated for studio

Elinchrom Background Reflector

Designed to be used low and behind a portrait subject, casts a graduated oval pattern on the background. Can also be used for backlighting a subject.

Elinchrom Snoot & Grid

A Snoot is great for producing small, tight areas of light. Add the grid for a smaller but softer circle. The grid angle is approx. 15°

Elinchrom Deflectors

Elinchrom flash heads offer a unique centered umbrella fitting for Umbrellas but also Deflectors. Deflectors can eliminate, soften or tone sharp shadow edges. Very efficient with the Elinchrom softbox and reflector range.

Fresnel Spot

Modify your directional light

Master your directional lighting with the Fresnel Spot. Control and restrict light diffusion and achieve precise, crisp illumination with our dedicated spot accessories for impeccable results.

Main features

Directional deep shadows
Intense colour saturation
Variable angle of 20° to 60°
Lens diameter of 30 cm

Elinchrom Fresnel Spot 30

Control light diffusion, achieve precise, crisp illumination and get the classical cinema light. Ideal for fashion and beauty photography.