The perfect lighting companion

Elinchrom’s Off-camera flash


Fascinated by fine art portraits, Therese loves to work in varied locations. Outdoors or onsite, she can work with most settings. Find out why she loves the ONE so much for her photography work.

Therese Asplund is a Swedish portrait photographer with a great passion for lighting. She’s fascinated by fine art portraits and loves to work in different locations. 

Sometimes, she likes to simulate the look of outdoor photography while shooting indoors, and the ONE is the perfect companion for these situations.

The unconcealed flash tube

For most of my portraits, I like using Softboxes. When you have an opportunity to benefit from an unconcealed flash tube such as on most Elinchrom units, it allows you to get a wide and even spread of light in the Softbox. When using bigger light shapers, it’s especially important that you don’t end up with a reduced light output.

Guess what? With its very compact design, the ONE has this incredible feature of an unconcealed flash tube, which makes the light even more special to me.

A single and small package,
always ready

I enjoy the Elinchrom ONE because everything I need is contained in one single small package. It’s ready to use in just a second without any extra accessories to worry about, like cables or batteries. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t compromise on strength or quality of light.


Make things easier

I run a workshop called “Play to Learn”, and for the last session, the fact that the Elinchrom ONE is weatherproof was actually very convenient.

This specific session was named “Waterworld.”
For two days, fifteen photographers created magical, fine art portraits throwing, pouring, and splashing water everywhere. It was a lot of fun but, of course, a bit risky for most of the technical equipment.
This task has become much easier with a stand-alone flash unit like the ONE because I can now avoid electrical cables.

It feels like someone listened to everything on my wishlist.

The little extra pop of light

For most of my outdoor photoshoots, the ONE gives me just enough light to shoot a portrait, even with the sun as a backlight.

I often use it when I want a lot of natural light with just a little extra pop of light for a beautiful and controlled illumination of the face in my portrait.

These are just a few of the things I love about the ONE. All in all, I must say that it feels like someone listened to everything on my wishlist. I have the feeling they created this flash just for me.

This unit is just perfect for my type of work!