5 things you need to know about the ONE


Let’s review the 5 most important things about the ONE you need to know. Once you’ve covered this, you’ll understand the extensive capabilities of Elinchrom’s Off-camera flash unit.

1. The ONE has a sealed-in battery.

You might ask yourself, why would we do that?

First, you need to know that we’re using the USB-C protocol. This means you can use any universal charger or power bank to recharge this flash unit. The sealed battery of the ONE also ensures the unit can be smaller, more durable and is more protected against unpredictable weather.
Additionally, the internal battery is rated for 400’000 full power flashes and is designed to be easy to exchange if ever necessary.

The ONE can be charged by USB-C with the Elinchrom 20000mAh 18W battery or any other USB-C power bank.

2. The ONE has more power than you think.

We present the Elinchrom ONE with 131 Ws.

As usual, watt-seconds only explain part of the story. With a specific accessory such as the High Performance Reflector 26cm (10.2″), you can gain more than 3 f-stops of light. 

This is enough power to cover most lighting situations.

3. The ONE  is Elinchrom’s first unit with the OCF mount.

What is this OCF mount?

The OCF mount is a new accessory mount in our product range.
We have many new accessories, such as colored domes, in the roadmap to complement the Elinchrom ONE. If you already have Elinchrom light shapers, you can take full advantage of the included Elinchrom OCF adapter to use them on the ONE. Its diameter also makes the ONE compatible with most Profoto bayonet light shapers, so plenty of light shaping options are available.

Barndoors and Colored Gel Domes are part of the new OCF Accessories range.

The diameter of OCF Accessories is compatible with most Profoto OCF units and vice-versa.

4. The ONE has an unconcealed flashtube.

Why is that better?

Light shapers are just as important as the light source you are using.
We designed the Elinchrom ONE to be very efficient with your accessories. Unlike units with recessed flashtubes, it means the ONE and its 160° beam spread take complete advantage of your Softbox, Umbrella, or Reflector.

This means that you get a much bigger spill of light with modifiers better filled delivering more ‘effective’ power than the 131Ws rating would suggest.

5. The ONE is compatible with the Elinchrom Studio Software and App out of the box.

Up to now, it was required to purchase the Elinchrom Bridge module to use Elinchrom units with the Software or the App. The Bridge is the connection between the flash units and your computer/device.

Good news; this module is integrated inside the ONE.
That means you can experiment and play with the Software or the App right out of the box without any additional costs.
Even better, the ONE can act the same way as a Bridge module, so you can use your older units inside the Software or App, thanks to the ONE.

No need for an Elinchrom Bridge, the ONE act as a Bridge. The ONE works natively with the Elinchrom App and Software.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s give it a try;
Download here

Available for Windows, macOS, and iOS
The Android version is planned to be released in April 2022.