Goals & daily routines during Corona

Part 2 with Felix Kunze



With many of us stuck indoors practicing social distancing, we have unlimited time on our hands.

This is an opportunity to be reflective and work through those goals and projects that we have been meaning to.

We, at Elinchrom, wanted to spread the inspiration and motivation for you to do just that. We reached out to 5 photographers from all over to tell us how they are using this downtime to improve themselves, work on personal projects, and grow their skill sets.

Felix Kunze

Check out the second part of our chat, with photographer Felix Kunze, we hope that his words help inspire you to keep creating and learning during this time.

How are you staying creative these next few weeks?

I’ve got a giant list of old projects that I want to complete, so I’ve been keeping busy.
Excited to put out some work that’s never before been seen.


What is your daily routine?

The main thing I’m trying to focus on is to find ways not to be stuck in front of screens all day.
So far, so bad, but I’m trying!


Push yourself a little and make some progress each day. Doesn’t have to be much, it all adds up.

Do you have any new goals/to-dos with the new time on your hands?

I think this could represent the first time in 10 years that I’ve got all my work edited and retouched and ready to go out. It’s never happened before. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring!


What are your top 2 tips for others to stay motivated & inspired?

Forgive yourself for any lack of motivation, but also push yourself a little and make some progress each day. Doesn’t have to be much, it all adds up.


What is bringing you joy lately?

The fact that I see so many people helping and doing things that really help.

Whenever there’s a time of crisis, there are always people helping – that brings me joy.