Goals & daily routines during Corona

Part 1 with John Gress



With many of us stuck indoors practicing social distancing, we have unlimited time on our hands.

This is an opportunity to be reflective and work through those goals and projects that we have been meaning to.

We, at Elinchrom, wanted to spread the inspiration and motivation for you to do just that. We reached out to 5 photographers from all over to tell us how they are using this downtime to improve themselves, work on personal projects, and grow their skill sets.

John Gress

Check out the first part of our chat with John Gress, we hope that his words help inspire you to keep creating and learning during this time.

John, how are you staying creative these next few weeks?

Although I keep getting distracted by the news, I have been working on new Youtube and blog content.

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine has consisted of 4 cups of coffee, an hour walk, writing new content, in some cases rewriting old content, and occasionally recording and editing new videos. I’ve got 250 images in my Instagram queue, so I am posting once a day and can keep going for some time.


During the Great Recession of 2008, I used my downtime to improve my lighting skills.

Do you have any new goals/to-dos with the new time on your hands?

During this downtime, I really want to connect with photographers on YouTube, and when possible, I want to become a certified drone pilot so I can offer that to my video clients. If I really run out of things to do, I will build a new website.

What are your top 2 tips for others to stay motivated & inspired?

During the Great Recession of 2008, I used my downtime to improve my lighting skills by doing two test shoots a week with models, so I would encourage you to take care of whatever you have been putting off because you were too busy and I would encourage you to learn and develop those skills you’ve always wanted master.

Just be vigilant and stay on track. You really don’t have an excuse to not put in the work…. eventually you’ll reach the end of Netflix.


What is bringing you joy lately?

What brings me joy is staying in touch with all of my insta-friends because it’s not like I can hug my local friends!

Remember we’re all in this together and my actions could save your grandparents and your actions could save my mother; so please listen to the public health officials and social distance.