Red Bull Photography partnership – PR

Elinchrom & Red Bull Photography take their relationship to the next level.

Introducing an enhanced partnership between two kindred brands known for their adventurous spirit and willingness to push themselves and their gear to the limits.

Red Bull Photography is comprised of some of the best and most adventurous photographers across the action sports, racing and music categories. They are known for their ability to push the envelope to get strikingly dramatic images in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet as well as some of the harshest and most remote.

Many Red Bull Photographers have used Elinchrom gear for years on the most demanding of assignments because of its compactness and near indestructibility, combined with the light quality provided by the legendary light modifier range.

Since the release of the earliest Elinchrom battery flash units like the Ranger RX to the newest ELB 1200 and ELB 400, Red Bull Photographers have taken Elinchrom to document adventures in some of the most extraordinary places on earth.

With their new relationship, Elinchrom is providing Red Bull Photographers with bespoke gear adding the Red Bull Photography logo alongside Elinchrom, signifying to all that the world’s most exciting photographers and the most adventurous lighting brand have partnered to educate, inspire and showcase what is possible when incredible storytellers work with gear that can more than keep up with their demands.

“Our experience with Red Bull and their roster of photographers has shown us all what’s possible as we push our art and craft to the limits. It shows us what happens when creative people say, “what if…” and push themselves and their gear outside their comfort zones.”
We are thrilled and honoured to formalize our relationship with Red Bull Photography.”

— Simon Whittle, CEO Elinchrom

A partnership with continual improvement and our customers in mind.

Red Bull photographers insist on the most robust gear for use in the most challenging of environments. Elinchrom is fully confident that this will showcase what’s possible with their gear to the most demanding of consumers.

With Elinchrom gear in the hands of Red Bull photographers like Michael Clark, Chris Garrison, Lucas Gilman, Garth Milan, Christian Pondella, Jaanus Ree or Samo Vidic, we are predicting some of the most exciting imagery ever created. There will be lots of outstanding content to share including behind the scenes looks at the “Making of” campaigns as well as live events and appearances at photo shows around the world.

Elinchrom owners will have the benefit of learning from and being inspired by some of the best photographers on earth.

For now stay tuned.
This adventure is just beginning.

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