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Elinchrom announce grids for their Rotalux lightshapers.

For 25 years, photographers have been using the Rotalux system to shape light. Now, Elinchrom added the Rotagrid for all popular Rotalux shapes and sizes.

The Rotalux – the photographer’s choice.

This year Rotalux is celebrating 25 years of being the visual creator’s first choice of light-shaping accessory. Throughout these years Rotalux has been continuously optimised and refined to become even better.

The missing piece.

Rotagrid is an optional accessory that gives visual creators the ability to reduce light spread with more control and precision than ever before. With Rotagrid attached to Rotalux, a new style of lighting becomes accessible.

More diffusion possible.

As part of the refinements made to Rotalux, external diffusers – available as a single item – now enable a second external diffuser to be fitted for even softer diffusion or make attaching a Rotagrid even simpler.

The Rotalux System


Now available

For every size and shape of the Rotalux range.


Prices for the Rotagrids range from

$79 USD / €69 EUR


$249 USD / €199 EUR

Street price, excluding taxes.


12 Shapes

Ranging from Square, Recta, Strip and Octa to Elinchrom’s signature shape, Deep Octa.

Perfect light spread

Highest quality silver fabric for the best light distribution over the entire surface.

Extremely portable

The lightweight fabric and fold-down mechanism makes for a very portable softbox, saving carrying weight. A carrying bag is included for transport.

2 layers of diffusion

The internal and external diffusers are used for the softest possible light. If a crispier and harder look is needed, go without diffusers!

The little differences

All diffusers are free of optical brighteners which don’t influence the overall colour of the image you are creating.

Optional Rotagrid

30° degree grids are now available for all 12 shapes to further control the spread of light or add new style to your images.

Optional deflectors

For Elinchrom users, the optional deflector set includes a silver, gold, translucent and frosted deflector which may be used to modify even further hardness or softness and to eliminate or tone shadows.

Available for other brands

Rotalux speedrings are available for other major brands: Alien Bee™ & Balcar, Broncolor™, Bowens™ or S-mount, Hensel™ Expert and Profoto™ & Profoto OCF.

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For all Rotalux

A compatible Rotagrid is available for every size and shape of Rotalux Softboxes; ranging from Square, Recta, Strip and Octa to Elinchrom’s signature shape, Deep Octa.

30° Beam angle

Further control the spread of light or add new style to your images.

Rigid and tough

Constructed from a durable, lightweight fabric Rotagrids are structured to retain shape over time and maintain accuracy.

Quick set-up and take-down

Rotagrids attach swiftly via hook and loop fasteners and fold down flat for storage and transport.

Hard to misplace

All Rotagrids include a storage pouch with clear labeling to help keep things organized and accessible.

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New external Rotalux Diffusers

The external Diffuser for Rotagrid offers Velcro on the inside and the outside of the black frame to hold the Rotagrid in place with the Diffuser.

This is useful for bigger Rotalux and Rotagrid sizes and prevents that during handling the Rotagrid comes off from the softbox, when an external diffuser is required for additional lighting options.

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