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Elinchrom announce the ELM8 continuous LED light.

Manufactured by Light & Motion with Elinchrom, the ELM8 is the most portable, powerful and progressive modular system of point source continuous LED lights.

Elinchrom + Light & Motion.

Known for providing photographers with premium lighting solutions including a collection of world-class light shaping tools, Elinchrom has become an iconic brand in the photographic world.

Light & Motion, one of the most forward-thinking LED light manufacturers, has brought their game-changing technology to the broadcast and video world with a range of ultra-portable, powerful, robust continuous lights.

Cordless LED continuous light with complete EL integration.

Small, powerful and cordless, the ELM8 is the most versatile continuous LED light on the market. Complete integration with Elinchrom’s unique system and light shaping tools makes the ELM8 the perfect match for Elinchrom users’ existing lighting kit. With its rugged and compact design, the ELM8 allows freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime and in any weather conditions.

Capture What You See.

With an outstanding light output of 8000 lumens, the ELM8 provides a consistent, beautiful beam with precise color, making it the ideal light for photo & video creators demanding minimal weight with remarkable power.

Shape & Control Your Light.

Extend the use of your gear and benefit from Elinchrom’s unique light-shaping accessories. A new Elinchrom Remote Control dedicated to continuous light is available to conveniently manage the lights’ settings from the camera/monitor, in any environment, allowing content creators everywhere to work efficiently.


Starting on August 5, 2019.


$1699 USD / €1379 EUR

Street price, excluding taxes.



  • CRI – 93
  • TLCI – 94
  • Color Temp – 5600 K
  • LUX – 16320 (at 1m w/Fresnel)
  • Light Output – 8000 Lumens
  • Native Beam Angle – 120°
  • Water Resistance – IP54
  • Impact Resistance – 1 m
  • Runtime – 50 to 245 min
  • Weight – 1.2 kg (2.645 lbs)
  • Charge Time – 2 hrs (full charge)
  • Size – 20.5 x 9.6 x 9.6 cm (with battery)
  • Radio Control – Elinchrom Remote Control, Transmitter Pro (power control only / no display)
  • 20 Frequencies / 4 Groups
  • Distance Range – up to 100 m

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Direct Mount Accessories

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L&M Accessories

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