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Today, Elinchrom announces the release of the Elinchrom Studio software. A brand new computer software available on macOS and Windows for studio work photography.

The Elinchrom Studio software is a new computer software available for macOS and Windows.

Redesigned from scratch, photographers can now control their Elinchrom lighting setup in the easiest and fastest way. Enabled Elinchrom units require the Elinchrom Bridge module.

A companion App for iPhone will be available later this year.

Elinchrom Studio

Control enabled Elinchrom units from your computer

Combined with the Elinchrom Bridge, the Elinchrom Studio enables you to:

  • Control enabled Elinchrom units from your computer to simplify your workflow.
  • Keep an overview of your lighting setup from the dashboard.
  • Quickly access each unit’s settings even when they are out of reach.
  • Save custom setups, saving you set up time for your next shoot.

Available for macOS and Windows.

Elinchrom Bridge

The key to open the Elinchrom Studio world

The Elinchrom Bridge module is necessary to make the Elinchrom Studio software function.

The Elinchrom Bridge must be connected to the computer by USB and is available separately.

[produit à insérer]


  • Control up to 20 Units
  • Control individually or simultaneously (power, modelling lamp, sound, etc.)
  • 20 Frequencies available
  • 4 Groups with dedicated colors
  • Change unit group by drag and drop
  • User friendly name
  • Save all unit settings and reload them when required
  • Signal strength indication
  • Firmware indicator to inform if a new update is available
  • Firmware update available right from the software (only ELC for the moment)


  • D-Lite RX One/2/4*
  • BRX 250/500*
  • ELC 125/500
  • ELC Pro HD 500/1000
  • ELB 400
  • ELB 500 TTL
  • ELB 1200
  • ELM8

*User-friendly name not available

Please note:

  • The older Skyport USB RX module is not compatible with the new Elinchrom Studio software.

Download full compatibility list


The Elinchrom Studio and the Elinchrom Bridge is available starting today.

Download the Elinchrom Studio software for macOS and Windows.


Elinchrom Bridge

$124 USD / €119 EUR

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