Elinchrom Launches Dedicated Team for Direct Distribution in the UK

Elinchrom, the world-renowned leader in professional lighting solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion in the United Kingdom with the formation of a dedicated team to oversee its direct distribution efforts. This strategic move underscores Elinchrom’s commitment to providing an enhanced and personalised experience for photographers and videographers in the UK, with a special emphasis on support and collaboration with its valued dealers.

Elinchrom UK Press Release

Key Highlights

Formation of UK Distribution Team and a UK Warehouse: Elinchrom has established a specialised team based in the UK to manage and execute its direct distribution operations. Commencing from the 15th of January 2024, this team will oversee the UK warehouse, enhancing Elinchrom’s capacity to meet the growing demands of the market.


Leadership by Simon Burfoot and Mark Cheetham: The newly formed UK distribution team will be led by industry experts Simon Burfoot and Mark Cheetham. With their wealth of experience and expertise, Burfoot and Cheetham will play pivotal roles in driving Elinchrom’s distribution strategy in the UK.


Comprehensive Product Portfolio: The UK division will continue to offer a comprehensive range of Elinchrom products, including studio lights, flashes, modifiers, and accessories. Photographers and videographers in the UK can expect direct access to Elinchrom’s latest and most advanced lighting solutions.


A Continuation of Localised Customer & Dealer Support: As part of the UK distribution initiative, the UK team will continue to provide localised customer and dealer support via an establishment of a dedicated UK service centre. This centre will provide top-quality technical service on all Elinchrom products, ensuring that dealers and customers will receive prompt and expert assistance for their equipment. Additionally, Elinchrom assures its customers that existing warranties will be seamlessly taken over and covered by the new distribution.


Enhanced Marketing Support for Dealers: Elinchrom will be committed to actively support and collaborate with its dealers in the UK. The distribution team will work closely with dealers to provide not only strategic marketing services but also collaborative initiatives, ensuring a strong partnership in promoting and selling Elinchrom products.
Simon Whittle,
CEO of Elinchrom
“We are delighted to introduce our dedicated team for direct distribution in the United Kingdom, led by Simon Burfoot and Mark Cheetham. This strategic initiative reflects our commitment to providing an elevated experience for our customers. With a UK warehouse, a dedicated service centre, and seasoned leadership, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the UK photography and videography community.”
Simon Burfoot
and Mark Cheetham
“With over eighteen years of experience working with Elinchrom, we are honoured to lead the UK distribution team. This endeavour represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing top-level lighting solutions and services to the photography community. Our focus on localised customer support and strategic marketing initiatives, coupled with enhanced collaboration with our dealers, will undoubtedly elevate the Elinchrom experience for our customers in the UK.”
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