The Elinchrom Location Bag

Initially designed to carry the ELB 400, almost anything can fit within the ProTec Location Bag.

“The perfect strobist bag.”

Closely Packed Together

Depending on the locations photographers are working at, a trolley might be less practial or just too big. Being able to carry the bag easily on a shoulder might be more important than having wheels.

For that reason, Elinchrom came up with the ProTec Location Bag.

Carry All

The ProTec Location Bag is the perfect alternative to a trolley and to your regular camera bag. In fact, it is the perfect strobist bag.

Initially designed to carry the ELB 400, almost anything can fit within the ProTec Location Bag.

Adaptive Storage

Using the separation pads, you can fit as much as in the ProTec Rolling Case. These small things will let you create a “second floor” in your bag, allowing you to stack gear without smashing it into pieces whenever moving the bag.

Hitch a light stand

The loops on the front are one of the smart features of the Location Bag. It comes with a couple of straps that you can hook to these loops to hitch a light stand or a Rotalux bag easily.

Attach the straps on the loops to hitch a light stand

Included in the To Go Set

Please note that the ProTec Location Bag is included in all ELB 400 To Go Sets.

Kit Examples

“I tried all configurations, and everything fitted in.”

The Studio Kit

Not only can the ProTec Location bag be used to transport your ELB 400 and your camera gear, but it can also protect your D-Lite when you need to take them on location.

No matter where your shoots bring you, whether you have a battery-powered strobe or not, you can now carry your studio anywhere you want!

The Wedding Kit

The Location Bag would be a perfect solution for shootings in churches or outdoor wedding venues, where a trolley could be a bit of a less practical solution.

So I always keep my ProTec Location Bag in the trunk of my car just in case.

The Outdoor Portrait Kit

This looks like a lot of gear, doesn’t it?

The first time I went out on a shoot with this many things in my bag I couldn’t believe everything fitted in just one single bag! Sure it’s not light, but if you don’t plan on walking for hours it can be carried around.

The Action Kit

For those who wish to carry more lights, it is also possible.

Two ELB 400 with heads and cords easily fit in the bag and there is room for the camera along with a few lenses. The 14-24mm and 85mm above could be replaced by a 70-200mm, or a 24-70mm and a prime.

Also to be noted, all Quadra heads are of similar dimensions. So if you are into action photography, it might be wise to have one Action and one HS head if you plan on using Hi-Sync or want to be ready for any situation.

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