The Intimate Food Photography Workshop by Hello Click Studio


What was initially planned as a daylong Food Photography workshop turned into an extended journey of creativity, learning, and vibrant camaraderie.

The intimate setting of the workshop allowed for personalized interactions, creating a close-knit learning environment. To set the tone for a day of creativity, participants had the opportunity to break the ice by sharing their works and passions with the group.

Brief Assignments and Creative Freedom

Each participant received a brief with assignments for the day. Despite having no prior experience with artificial lighting or tethering, participants were encouraged not only to understand the guidelines but also to infuse their own ideas and unique perspectives into the assignments. This approach allowed for a rich variety of creativity to unfold throughout the day.

Exploring Diverse Lenses

Adding excitement, participants had the unique opportunity to test a variety of lenses from SIGMA for their assignments. This hands-on experience with diverse lenses added another layer of exploration and learning, enabling participants to experiment with different focal lengths and capture their culinary visions from various perspectives.

Experience with Elinchrom Equipment

Access to Elinchrom’s Transmitter Pro, specifically tailored to participant’s camera models – Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony – also enriched the workshop. This personalized approach ensured that each participant could make the most of their cameras’ capabilities in conjunction with Elinchrom’s lighting solutions. The workshop featured the testing of the new Elinchrom THREE units, along with the reliable Elinchrom ONE, providing participants with a hands-on experience of state-of-the-art lighting technology.

Food Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop

Mastering Artificial Light

A significant highlight of the extended workshop was the exploration of artificial lighting. The participants, despite having no prior experience, dove into discussions and hands-on practice with artificial light. This segment not only demystified the complexities of artificial lighting but also underscored its indispensable role in overcoming the challenges posed by natural light limitations.

“This segment not only demystified the complexities of artificial lighting but also underscored its indispensable role in overcoming the challenges posed by natural light limitations.”

In acknowledging the limitations of working solely with natural light—its unpredictability, inconsistency, and dependency on weather conditions—the workshop emphasized the essential role of artificial lighting. It became evident that, to ensure consistency and achieve professional-grade results, mastering artificial light is necessary in the world of food photography.

As participants experimented with various artificial lighting setups, they discovered its transformative potential in enhancing the visual narrative of culinary captures, emphasizing the importance of creating visually compelling and storytelling images.

Food Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop

This workshop segment empowered participants to wield artificial light with confidence, elevating their ability to craft visually stunning and professionally consistent results in food photography. In embracing the interplay between light and culinary artistry, participants left not only with enhanced technical skills but also with a deeper appreciation for the transformative impact of controlled illumination on their photographic creations.

Exploring with Tether Tools

The workshop also collaborated with Tether Tools, specialists in optimizing photography workflows. Participants have been able to explore the advantages of tethered shooting thanks to the tethering cables and power banks provided.

Food Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop

 Added Value to Portfolios

Despite lacking experience with artificial lighting or tethering, participants embraced the learning process. The diverse backgrounds of the participants, coupled with the opportunity to experiment with SIGMA lenses, use Elinchrom equipment tailored to their camera models, and explore with Tether Tools, brought forth a rich variety of ideas. This resulted in a wide range of creative and captivating images that highlighted the powerful synergy between top-notch equipment and creative minds.

Collaboration with Local Brands

For the practical sessions, the workshop received collaborative support from local Dutch brands. These brands provided a variety of products for all practical exercises, including chocolate, jams, cereals, and more. This collaboration not only enriched the practical experiences but also highlighted the local and sustainable aspects of food production.

It is worth noting that these companies advocate for a circular economy. This emphasis on sustainable practices added an extra layer of depth to the workshop, aligning with the ethos of responsible and conscious creativity.

Food Photography Workshop

Interest in Future Workshops

As a testament to the workshop’s success, participants expressed great interest in future workshops, especially those focused on restaurant photography. The prospect of applying their new skills in a real restaurant setting sparked enthusiasm in the group, demonstrating a collective desire to continue their journey in culinary photography.

The synergy among individuals with diverse backgrounds, coupled with the freedom to express creativity, the chance to experiment with SIGMA lenses, and the intimate setting, added an extra layer of learning.

Each participant, regardless of their prior experience, left not only with enhanced food photography skills but also with a broader perspective gained from collaborating across different photographic genres.

This workshop was a testament to the power of a shared passion for photography to transcend individual disciplines and create a vibrant and enriching learning environment.

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