The Elinchrom Rolling Case

Elinchrom kept the Rolling Case bag to the necessary; clean, simple and spacious.

“Your assistant will thank you for getting this bag.”

The main purpose of the Rolling Case is to take with you almost anything you need as a photographer.

But let’s review a few details on this bag that helps you to carry gear as practical as possible.

Inside Pockets

From the outside it looks clean and simple.

Elinchrom kept it to the necessary, essentially avoiding you the trouble of searching for the tiny adapter or memory card lost in a pocket you don’t remember even existed.

Telescopic Handle

The telescopic handle is long enough for you to roll it while walking, yet sturdy enough that you can fully load the trolley and add another bag on top, such as the ProTec Location Bag.

If using the wheels is not an option, the telescopic handle can be retracted and the ones on the side can be employed instead to carry the case.

Reinforced Back

If you are like me and travel often by train or plane, you are probably looking for a trolley that has a robust back so that your precious gear doesn’t break after the first trip. The ProTec Rolling Case is reinforced with two robust pieces of plastic.


The magic happens when you open up the bag. It’s so spacious, I could almost sleep in it! It’s sufficiently deep to accommodate for a Ranger RX to be placed and it’s big enough to receive three D-Lite along with a camera and a few lenses.


Adapt your space to meet your needs with the modules scratch to separate your gear.

Kit Examples

“I can finally carry and use all my gear on location.”

The Studio & Portrait Kit

The main compartment can receive three D-Lite along with their power cords, while still leaving room for two to four lenses and a DSLR body.

The flap has pockets that are more than big enough for extension cords, a flash meter, a Skyport Plus, as well as other accessories you may have (gels, clamps, gray card, USB cable, etc.).

The Commercial Kit

If you prefer the ELC Pro HD, the ProTec Rolling Case has got you covered.

It still can fit two units while leaving room for your camera and lenses, or you could make use of it only for lighting gear and place up to three ELC Pro HD in it. In the configuration shown below, I only had fixed primes to display, but a 14-24 mm, 16-35 mm, 24-70 mm, or 70-200 mm could fit in just as well instead.

The Wedding Kit

For wedding photographers, this can be the ideal bag to use.

Before owning a ProTec Rolling Case, I used to have one bag for my ELB 400, one for my cameras and bodies and my light shaper with the light stands in yet another bag. Now, my gear fits in one handy bag, and I can finally use it all for my photo shoots.

The ProTec Rolling Case can accommodate for my full kit and I can even attach my light stands and light shapers on the side if I don’t want to lug them around my shoulders!

If you have an assistant, he will thank you for getting this bag, if you don’t, your back will certainly appreciate the change!

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