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The Elinchrom ONE is a portable, lightweight flash designed for photographers to use in their daily work, whether in small spaces or on location. It is similar in size to a 70-200 f/2.8 lens and can be charged on the go. It offers 131 Ws of power for studio-quality lighting.

The Elinchrom OCF mount comes with its own (growing) range of accessories. All of them help photographers create outstanding images on their adventures without compromise. Three accessories using the Elinchrom OCF mount are currently available:

OCF Barndoor

OCF wide Reflector

OCF Gel Domes Kit

OCF Gel Domes Kit: This modifier changes the colour of your flash and continuous light no matter the light shaper. It can be used with any light shaper adapted to the OCF mount without the hassle of melting and noisy gels or sticky gaffer tape.

OCF Barndoors: This light shaper controls your light to create dramatic effects or selectively light your scene.

OCF Wide Reflector 16 cm (6.3’’): This accessory maximises the light output when using an umbrella. The OCF accessories range is compatible with the Elinchrom ONE and other brands that use a similar size mount.

Without and with Barndoors - shadows sharpness

As a photographer, the OCF accessories and the Elinchrom ONE help me to work faster when I am shooting on location and are a great addition to my studio kit. Because the system performs amazingly well on location, it doesn’t mean it has to be used outside exclusively: I created different setups to show how the OCF accessories can be used with the Elinchrom ONE and how easy they are to get the hang of.

The OCF Barndoors were a great opportunity to show how such a simple accessory can make a big difference in your lighting setups and in the pictures, you deliver to your client. Discover how to use the OCF Barndoors to create dramatic lighting effects and control your lighting even further.

With the OCF Wide Reflector, 16cm I decided to show you the most simple and fastest setup for food photography. If you ever find yourself at a wedding, in a restaurant, in a hotel, or even on an industrial shoot and need to quickly set up a composition lighting to photograph and to highlight details beautifully, this setup is for you.

Discover how to shoot food and details with a very affordable and straightforward setup. Last but not least, the OCF Gel Domes Kit is my favourite OCF modifier. They make the use of gels much easier and more convenient.

There is no need to find coloured gelatine and gaffer tape any more: you just need to clip them on the ONE and express your creativity, you can overlay up to the 6 colours if you wish. I created a fun shoot to display their use and how you can take advantage of gels to create unique work for your portfolio and clients. I hope each shoot will inspire you to create your own work using the ONE and the fantastic OCF accessories.

I hope each shoot will inspire you to create your own work using the ONE and the fantastic OCF accessories.

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Quentin’s favorite kit

OCF Wide Reflector 16 cm (6.3’’)

EL26090 - Suits for a bright single light source and even illumination with umbrellas and backgrounds, copy work or large groups photography. This OCF Wide Reflector is Umbrella compatible.

Elinchrom OCF Barndoors

EL26002 - With four trapezium-shaped metal barndoors, this accessory can be mounted directly on the unit to dimmish light spread in all directions or shape a rectangular light beam.