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Everyone knows the Tour de France race, but the Tour de France Photo is something quite different. Instead of mounting your bike and setting off in discovery of the country, you load up your photo equipment as you visit France.

Elinchrom joined the project for its 5 event and offers you here a small insight into a journey on the lake between Switzerland and France on a superb “Belle-Epoque” boat.

4000 km of photographic adventures with camper vans in 15 spots over 2 weeks.

This is the unique concept of the Tour de France Photo 2015. Workshops in various places with a definite theme in which several teams, made up of photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists and video-makers participate.

All are united through one or several stages for the sole purpose of giving everyone the opportunity to meet each other and set up photographic projects. The diversity of the situations and getting to know the participants and the equipment available makes the experience particularly rich and exciting for all.

Every year, the tour’s team, led by Thomas Ueberschlag, is given the means to bring together all the bodies of skills from the photographic scene in order to highlight the best.

There is nothing to gain if not some lessons in photography and being spotted as the talent of tomorrow.

There is nothing to gain if not some marvelous lessons in photography and, for some, the hope of being spotted as the talent of tomorrow.

Today, the stage of the day unfolds on a boat in the middle of the Lac Léman.

The light is beautiful, the air is gentle and models pose on the bridge; the ambiance is composed and relaxed as the shoots follow each other in a sustained rhythm.

The day started early this morning and everyone was on the Lausanne quay at 9 am, waiting to embark on the boat. The groups have already been created in advance on Facebook, which gives rise immediately to ideas exchanges on the day’s shoots to come.

Many photographers are already discussing photography and equipment.

Some have their own gear and yet others rely on Elinchrom for light and other brands for lenses and cameras to discover and experiment new ways of photographing with the tools they could borrow.

Only a short time is needed to assemble the equipment on board: lights, costumes, food, etc. It is a terrific amount of organisation to get everything necessary in place so that the whole of this little world can work together efficiently for a complete day on a boat.

Once on board, everything accelerates. The models’ makeup starts without delay and the photographers immediately begin to set-up.

Tripods are unfolded, softboxes are deployed and flashlights installed. The wind does not help matters, but each photographer has an assistant to deal with small contingencies.

Most of the photographers are familiar with flash without being experts in the field.

The aim here is really to experiment and test the photo equipment available. During the entire tour, the participants will have the opportunity to use ELB 400 kits and light modifiers, to find out details about them and how to use them.

The use of an alternative source of light becomes the norm to get a unique image with its own style.

The ELB 400 is a small portable battery that enables two flash heads to be connected. It is very mobile and will prove to be the ideal companion in such a sensitive environment as a boat.

Accompanying people who have never touched flash is important. The fear of handling flash and finding yourself powerless and in the unknown is a barrier that has to be broken down.

We guide them in the use of this new tool for creating artificial light.

This type of event is the perfect opportunity for those beginning to discover the simplicity of using a portable battery such as the ELB 400.

The advantage mobility brings and its ease of use gives immediate results, all with a simple basic installation. As the day goes on, the use of an alternative source of light becomes the norm, obligatory even, for obtaining a unique image with its own style.

As bottom line, the concept of the Tour de France Photo is a great initiative, each photographer from beginner level to semi-pro has the opportunity to test the equipment in exceptional surroundings. The experience and the competition are the key words for this event that is unique of its type, and its success is indisputable.

Each year, more and more entrants are rushing to register, but tickets are increasingly limited.

Don’t miss the next Tour in 2016!

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