On a trek with the ELB 1200


On A Trek With The ELB 1200

by Anthony Passant

Going on a trip with trekker freaks and an ELB 1200 in hot and sweaty conditions, with water and dirt.

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A Trek

Anthony had this great idea: to go trekking with some friends somewhere in the Var in France. In a hot and sunny environment, we knew this was going to be a real challenge as a photographer. So we said to Anthony, take the ELB 1200 with you and see what you come up with.

“I wanted to test the ELB 1200 in really tough conditions.”

Challenge Accepted

Anthony accepted the challenge and he went off with 2 friends who love trekking of all sorts. As a photographer, he thought a trip with trekker freaks was the perfect opportunity for some photo reportage, he came back with some fantastic results.

Hot, Dirt & Sand

As he said to us, “I wanted to test it in really tough conditions. The trek gave me the chance to use the ELB 1200 unit it in the dirt and sand, around rocks and trees, near water and during some pretty hot weather (nearly 40°C).”

Trust Your Gear

I knew from using other battery power packs that I needed a battery that could resist high temperatures. I experienced a few overheats during a sports shoot in high temperatures a couple of months back, so I wanted to test the ELB 1200 in similar circumstances.

I have to say, the unit never let me down!

“The ELB 1200 unit never let me down!”

Lightweight & Power

When I took the ELB 1200, I was really surprised by how light the battery is, and having light equipment in extremely high temperatures gave me more freedom of movement.

In addition, given the area I was covering and the intense summer days, the power of the unit was a huge advantage in overpowering that blinding sun.

Rock Solid

I didn’t spare the ELB 1200. It has been dropped on rocks, in the sand, and carried over trees and water.

This thing is as solid as a rock!