Into the void


Into The Void – ELB 1200

A breathtaking photoshoot in the air

Interview with Tristan Shu

Ever wondered what it felt like to fly?

Tristan and his team pulled another crazy stunt in Turkey and turned air into their own playground in a unique photoshoot with the ELB 1200.

“We keep innovating.
And it’s only the beginning!”

You are specialized in adventure photography.

After all you’ve accomplished, how do you manage to go even further in this field?

When we tried these paragliding photoshoots, it was like opening a Pandora’s box. The more we shoot, the more ideas came to our minds.

What seemed impossible to realise a while ago, started becoming easier with experience and training;

so we kept innovating. And it’s only the beginning! There are so many beautiful places sculpted by Mother Earth that I’d like to photograph, and where I’d love to fly.

“With the ELB 1200 we could finally realise the impossible!”

I’m surrounded by an incredible team of friends who help me produce incredible images and have pushed me to become even more creative.

The tools at our disposal also get better! Just like the new Elinchrom battery pack.

With the ELB 1200 we could finally realise the impossible within the adventure photography field. For this project, we could recreate an astonishing photography studio outdoor, with a paraglide, a base jumper, and a wingsuit.


What is the story behind this amazing base jump image?

We had a lot of ideas around this project. We quickly all agreed that the base jump image would bring a new dimension to the audience.

It took us a few trials to arrive to the end result. We needed a perfect synchronisation between the whole crew, but with training and a bit of luck we got the perfect shoot!

For the whole week, I kept thinking that we needed more preparation time.

When I triggered, I remember thinking that Guillaume Galvani (the base jumper) was almost too close to me. If I wanted to, I could have given him a high-five. In the end, it was perfect!

“These moments were magical”

This tension at take off when everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to do; the few minutes before taking the shoot with complete and utter silence, and the moment when Guillaume flew by, a moment of pure magic with a magnificent sunset in the background.

A very short but infinite moment, as if time had stopped.

Why was the ELB 1200 the perfect unit for this project?

So many elements have to work together on the right time, and at the right place. You need to have a flash equipment that you can rely on to obtain unbelievable images.

“We can now literally create our own studio outdoor.”

With the ELB 1200, you can play with light like never before, use the unit during complex photoshoots, all of which with an incredible ease of use.

Lightweightness and ergonomy are the first features that you notice instantly when using the unit. We can easily control power at a certain distance, which turned out to be remarkably practical to change our settings whilst flying!

“You forget that you are carrying a battery pack.”

The ELB 1200 gives you a feeling of reliability and robustness, something that I’ve always admired on Elinchrom units. It provides all the flexibility and reliability you need, and allow you to concentrate all your energy and attention on other elements of the shooting, to make sure your experience is a success.

It is so easy to use that any photographer delving into the world of flash photography will be able to master it without tedious learning curve.

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