Behind the Red Bull Academy


Over September 2016, was held the Red Bull Photography Academy in Salzburg.

Throughout the course of 12 days, 6 Red Bull photographers attended workshops and lectures held by 8 other photographers, who acted as trainers, empowering them to think outside the box, be experimental and go beyond limits.

Sports, Culture, Business & Technique

The Academy was based on 4 modules: Core sports, culture, business and technique.

With over 10 athletes present, photographers were able to interact with their subjects, gain “hands-on experience” of sports photography and improve their technique.

“We learned from the best in the industry; that made me become a better photographer”

Richard Ström

Elinchrom partnered with Red Bull Photography

For this adventure, Elinchrom partnered with Red Bull Photography to provide performant, robust and durable equipment to photographers in training. Photographers got a chance to try the ELB 400 battery pack in different settings to create stunning images and share unique stories.

“Having access to high end gear was exceptional!”

Alex Laurel

“The Academy pushed myself being creative and thinking out of the box!”

Armin Walcher

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