A fashion shooting with TTL


Recently, I have had the privilege to try the new ELB 500 TTL for a special assignment on location. The goal was to provide a fashion shooting in a very limited time to complete the session.

During this small period, I had to face very harsh conditions with cold and unpleasant weather, but I had no other choice to go forward.

Despite the conditions I was able, thanks to the flexibility of ELB 500 TTL to make a setup with two lights and to recreate an artificial sun with a surreal atmosphere despite foggy and cloudy weather.

The extra power of the ELB 500 TTL allowed me to recreate, right from the start, a surreal light simulating the sunset as you can see from the final shot.

I was able to shoot long distance with the radio settings of my Phottix transmitter in a very easy way. The transmission between the ELB and the transmitter worked flawlessly and while my assistant was adjusting the Deep Umbrella with the light, I was able to see the modelling light on my subject even from almost 50 metres away.

“Since the weather was changing so quickly, TTL allowed me to quickly adjust all the parameters for every shoot. While the light was constantly changing, this feature gave me the freedom to focus on my composition.”

Shooting in TTL allowed me to focus on the composition only, much more than any other setups I have done until now.

Shooting in difficult weather conditions can make all the team quite nervous, but thanks to this feature, the ELB 500 TTL made the whole process very comfortable and in a very short time.

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