A Burning Man style photoshoot


Portrait photographer Ofir Abe got creative again in his latest photoshoot!

Recently, he took his Elinchrom gear to the Negev Desert in Israel to photograph the eclectic Midburn community.

Inspired by the portrait project conducted by Eric Schwabel in 2011, Ofir wanted to capture the artistic atmosphere of the Israeli event and unique style of its community.

Ofir with his Elinchrom gear

For this photoshoot, Ofir was looking for a “single contraption that could hold all the power” and “be spread wide enough to obtain efficient and beautiful lighting” in his portraits.

His challenge was also to find robust equipment, one that could sustain the harsh weather conditions (dust, sandy winds and sun).

With his friend Ben Saar, a very capable engineer in spirit, Ofir started looking for conceptual ideas on setting up his equipment. He decided to use the ELB 400 unit, alongside the older version, the Quadra Ranger packs with the HS heads.

He carried his units on his Lowpro bag and added two aluminium frame rods on each side of the bag to carry two Rotalux strip softboxes softboxes (see below).

The original set up enabled Ofir to be seen from afar by the locals and get the attention needed to photograph the Midburn community.

In addition, his set up was comfortable enough to shoot all day, whilst safely protecting his units.


Midburn™ is an Official Burning Man Regional Event inspired and guided by the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Burning Man is a registered trademark of Decommodification LLC and Burning Man Project, which are not affiliated with and do not endorse Elinchrom.

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