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    Elinchrom Studio

    iOS App and desktop Software

    Fast control of your setup.

    Easier workflow.

    Control enabled Elinchrom units from your mobile device with the Elinchrom App or your computer with the Elinchrom Studio software along with the Elinchrom Bridge module to simplify your workflow.

    Keep an overview of your lighting setup from the dashboard and quickly access each units’ most important settings even when they are out of reach. Any custom setup can be saved and reloaded when needed, saving you time for your next shoot.

    Control enabled Elinchrom units quick and easy

    The Elinchrom App and desktop software is designed to streamline your studio workflow and create a cohesive and easy Elinchrom ecosystem.

    Available for iOS.

    Available for macOS and Windows.

    Speed up your workflow

    with the Elinchrom App

    Please note:

    • The Elinchrom Bridge module is necessary to make the Elinchrom Studio software function.
    • The older Skyport USB RX module is not compatible with the new Elinchrom Studio software.


    Unit Settings

    User-friendly name, signal strength, stand-by mode, firmware indicator, and many more options are available to fine-tune your Setup.

    Group Settings

    Drag and drop your unit to change into one of the 4 groups available.

    • Control up to 20 Units
    • Control individually or simultaneously (power, modelling lamp, sound, etc.)
    • 20 Frequencies available
    • 4 Groups with dedicated colors
    • Change unit group by drag and drop
    • Edit a friendly name
    • Save unit settings and reload them when required
    • Signal strength indications
    • Firmware indicator to inform if a new update is available

    The key to open the Elinchrom Studio world

    The Elinchrom Bridge is the required link between Elinchrom units and the Studio Software as well as the Elinchrom iOS App.

    Connect to a computer via USB or a mobile device via Bluetooth to take full advantage of the Elinchrom App / Software and your Elinchrom Setup.

    • Elinchrom Bridge

      Elinchrom BridgeN° 19338

      The Elinchrom Bridge is the link between your Elinchrom flash units and your computer or iOS device.

      The Bridge implements Bluetooth standards for easy pairing with the Elinchrom Studio software.

      Please note:

      The Elinchrom Bridge module is necessary to make the Elinchrom Studio software function.

      The older Skyport USB RX module is not compatible with the new Elinchrom Studio software.

      Compatible with Elinchrom flash units with built in Skyport receiver.


    • D-Lite RX One/2/4*
    • BRX 250/500*
    • ELC 125/500
    • ELC Pro HD 500/1000
    • ELB 400
    • ELB 500 TTL
    • ELB 1200
    • ELM8

    *Friendly name only available on Mac/Win Software

    Please note:

    • The older Skyport USB RX module is not compatible with the new Elinchrom Studio software.

    Download full compatibility list

    User Manual


    Elinchrom Bridge Firmware update

    How can I update the firmware of my Elinchrom Bridge?

    Proceed as follows: 

    1. Download the latest EL Updater from our website.
    2. Plug the USB cable into the module
    3. Press ON/OFF button for at least 5 secs.
    4. The white LED light will switch in yellow and flashes twice each second.
    5. The module is now into "Firmware update".
    6. Start the EL Updater.
    7. Click "Update" and follow the messages in the updater window.


    Read more about firmware release notes.

    Elinchrom units compatibility for the Studio Software / App

    Are all my Elinchrom units compatible with the Elinchrom Studio software?

    Most enabled units are compatible with the Elinchrom Studio Software/App. 

    Please have a look to know what units are compatible.

    Elinchrom Bridge / Software / App issues

    Communication between Elinchrom flash units and the Software / App is not possible. It looks like the bridge is not working.

    Please check the following:

    Save settings in the Studio Software/App

    How can I recall my previous setup settings in the Studio Software / App? et up is the easy recall of the pre-sets.

    In the Elinchrom Studio Software / App, you have LOAD and SAVE buttons.
    With this, you can load and save all settings for all units in your setup.

    Test a flash unit in the Studio Software / App

    In the Studio Software App, how can I flash a unit for a test?

    There is a button to trigger all units. Or you can trigger a single unit by clicking on the unit picture.

    What is Auto-refresh in the Studio Software/App?

    What is the Auto-refresh button on the Studio Software/App?

    When the Auto refresh button is ON, it will periodically read the settings on the units and scan for new units. 
    If the button is set to OFF, it allows you to use a Transmitter to control your units.


    Connect the Elinchrom Bridge to a device with Bluetooth

    How to connect the Elinchrom Bridge to a device with a Bluetooth connection.

    • Download the latest Elinchrom App for iOS or Elinchrom Studio Software for macOS or Windows.
    • Update the Elinchrom Bridge module to the latest Firmware (with the Elinchrom Updater).
    • Activate Bluetooth on your device.
    • Switch the Bridge ON.
    • Launch the App/Software and find the connected Bridge displayed in the window.
    • The LED of the Bridge flashes in Blue.
    • Chose the frequency channel 1 to 20, depending on which channel your flash units are set, normally to channel 1.
    • Scan for enabled Elinchrom flash units.
    • Start to control the units.

    Battery run time is about 6 to 8 hours, but the Bridge can also be used with the USB micro cable connected to your computer for charging. You can chose if you use the USB cable or the Bluetooth connection.

    Elinchrom Studio compatibility with the Skyport USB RX

    Is the Skyport USB RX compatible with the Elinchrom Studio software?

    The Elinchrom Studio is not compatible with the Skyport USB RX.
    You need the Elinchrom Bridge module.

    Elinchrom Studio for macOS and Win

    Is the Elinchrom Studio software compatible on Mac and Windows?

    Yes, the Elinchrom Studio software is compatible with the latest macOS and Windows operating systems.

    EL-Skyport Software

    What happened with the older EL-Skyport Software?

    The EL-Skyport Software is not supported anymore and has been discontinued.

    Please refer to the Elinchrom Studio Software and the Elinchrom Bridge for the latest version.


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