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    The Elinchrom ProTec Bag Series

    by Quentin Décaillet

    Choose the best bags to take care of you and your gear.

    Photography and lighting gear are quite delicate and rather costly. Investing in a solid and practical bag is the wise thing to do if you want your gear to hold its value and keep working.

    January 11th, 2016

    © Quentin Décaillet

    Bags made by photographers

    for photographers.

    When I recently got my hands on the Elinchrom ProTec bags, I had a feeling of security.

    The bags are rugged and are very practical to travel with. It is as if the bags had been made by photographers for photographers.

    All of them, especially the Rolling Case and the Location Bag can accommodate any kit.

    Rolling Case

    Your assistant will thank you for getting this bag.

    Clean, Simple, Adaptive

    From the outside, it looks clean and simple. Elinchrom kept it to the essential!

    The telescopic handle, the reinforced back and lots of space is available with this bag.

    Adapt your space to meet your needs with the scratch modules to separate your gear.

    Carry and use all your gear on location.

    Storage examples

    A studio photographer kit - A commercial photographer kit - A wedding photographer kit

    Location Bag

    "The perfect strobist bag."

    Closely Packed Together

    Depending on the locations photographers are working at, a trolley might be less practial or just too big. Being able to carry the bag easily on a shoulder might be more important than having wheels.

    For that reason, Elinchrom came up with the ProTec Location Bag.


    The ProTec Location Bag is the perfect alternative to a trolley and to your regular camera bag. In fact, it is a perfect hybrid strobist bag.

    Adaptive Storage

    Almost anything can fit within the ProTec Location Bag when using the separation pads.

    These small things will let you create a "second floor" in your bag, allowing you to stack gear without smashing it into pieces whenever moving the bag.

    The secret room

    Kit example

    Rolling Case FS30

    Take out your FS30

    With the Elinchrom FS30, you don’t just get the modifier.

    The Fresnel Spot is also delivered it in a smart rolling case case that is very handy when you want to take the FS30 on location or hire it out. 

    You don’t just want to throw this beauty in the back of your car, so the proper case is of vital importance.

    Learn more about the FS30

    Poly Bag

    The 2 units bag

    The ProTec Bag Poly is an alternative to the ProTec Location Bag for photographers that wish to travel with their ELC Pro HD and don’t want to use the ProTec Rolling Case.

    Two units can be fitted. Of course, any other strobe such as the D-Lite or even the BRX can also be placed in the bag.

    This is the perfect bag if you already own a trolley or a case that you really like but in which you cannot fit your strobes. It’s well padded and the flap on top is wide, thus allowing easy access to all of your gear.

    Softlite Bag

    The beauty dish protector

    The ProTec Bag Softlite is probably the most underrated bag of all. However, it’s one you definitely need if you travel with a beauty dish.

    Beauty dishes create the distinct light they do because of their shape and design. Bend your dish, or get the inside coating dirty, and the quality of light will not be as pretty anymore.

    The ProTec Bag Softlite is the best option out there to protect your Elinchrom Softlite44cm and its grid.