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    ELB 400

    Aluminium Cage

    by ProMediaGear

    Taking a portable power pack such as the ELB400 out in the field has always been a blessing and a curse.

    To make outdoor photography even more easy, ProMediaGear developed an amazing practical product to complement the unit.

    When you are on your own, with no assistance, you are on location you need to find a solution to gather all your gear on your own. That’s why ProMediaGear released a rigid aluminium cage specifically designed for the ELB 400 unit and its accessories.

    The cage

    The Aluminium Cage is a 1 piece design that slips over the ELB 400 pack in seconds. The unit is held down by the red anodized accessories that double as strap loops.

    PMG replaced the strap connection area with a similar loop so you can still carry the unit with ease using the Elinchrom strap.

    2 wide mouth handles

    The cage offers 2 handles large enough to quickly grab the pack securely and get it where you want it. It features (1) 5/8” Light Spigot holder that mounts to mounting spaces on the pack. The adapter instantly gives you the ability to mount your head onto the pack for convenient carry access.

    Mount it on a light stand

    On the side of the cage you have many accessory options such as mount the pack onto a light stand to keep the unit off the elements and securely on the stand.

    When you want to grab and adjust the light, it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

    Carry the pack on your hip

    Another nice feature is the sphere that can lock into the SH1 Belt Holster, which can either be locked or not locked down, and allows you to carry the pack on your hip or back side to make the pack portable enough for direct on camera use.

    A Flash Bracket

    The Boomerang Flash Bracket is a modular, machined aluminium flash bracket with locking detent pins that allows you to add on the top of your camera the Quadra flash head. The bracket allows you to position the head in optimal shooting angles while quickly adjust from vertical to horizontal and create proper shadows by keeping the flash above the lens at all times.

    Wrap Up

    With a very convenient product, ProMediaGear have built a great and well-designed cage for the ELB 400 to make the unit more portable than ever. This is a rock-solid accessory for the Elinchrom ELB 400 unit.

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