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    © Anoush Abrar


    The story continues...


    Elinchrom has a long tradition of excellent power packs

    designed for professional imaging.

    The latest Digital RX series incorporates electronic know-how combined with high manufacturing quality at affordable prices. Highlights like feature control via MAC™ / WIN™ computers, remote control with the EL-Skyport App for iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™, ultra stable circuitry for consistent flash power, low sync voltage to protect digital cameras are just some of the many advantages of these series.


    • EL-Skyport: radio remote control and triggering ! Adjust power and switch on/off the modelling lamp with the Skyport Transmitter speed and the Transceiver RX, from the camera.
    • Unique control from an iPod Touch ®/iPad ®/iPhone ® with the EL-Skyport App via the optional WiFi module.
    • Link your complete RX studio with the EL-Skyport Software, control up to 4 studios of 16 units with EL-Skyport and access extra features like flash counter or flash delay for strobing effects.
    • Ultra stable circuitry for absolutely consistent flash power.
    • Unique dedicated Zoom Pro HD flash head for heavy-duty use.
    • High speed Zoom Action and Zoom Pro heads for fashion and general purpose photography.
    • Digital power display for precise and repeatable exposures.
    • Digital power values compatible with the Elinchrom system.
    • Modelling lamps proportional or independently controlled.
    • Fast recycling consistent with precision and stability.
    • Surge resistant circuits,
    • Auto-dump, twin sync sockets, ready beep, sensitive photocell, anti shock edgings and fan cooled.

    Zoom Heads

    Compatible with all power packs made by Elinchrom since 1979, these flash heads offer a new focusable flashtube and modelling lamp arrangement, accessible from both sides of the head to fine tune the lighting characteristic of every accessory filted. 


    • User repleaceable UV coated plug-in flashtube.
    • Includes a transparent glass dome for security.
    • Mutlivoltage but the correct modelling lamp and fuse must be fitted.
    • Umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas up to 105 cm diameter.
    • Efficient low noise fan cooling. 
    • Dedicated on/off modelling lamp switch, with LED overheat indication. 
    • Aluminium chassis with fire resistant housing.
    • Extremely lightweight, only 2.3 kg, including the 5 m flash cable.
    • Zoom Action

      Zoom ActionN° 20193

      The Zoom Action offers a very short flash duration ideal for high speed indoor photography. The new A (Action) tube delivers a 40-45% shorter flash duration compared to other standard omega (horseshoe type) flashtubes.

      Only use with Elinchrom powerpacks.

    • Zoom Pro

      Zoom ProN° 20191

      Best value for money.

      The ZOOM Pro is designed for universal use photography and is equipped with a standard 3000 Ws omega plug-in flashtube. All other features and functions are the same for all ZOOM head types. 

      Only use with Elinchrom powerpacks.

    • Zoom Pro HD

      Zoom Pro HDN° 20192

      The ultimate performance for heavy users.

      The Zoom Pro HD is designed to withstand extreme frequency of use. The heavy-duty and high quality plug-in flashtube minimises the change in light characteristics and output. This is the best choice for catalogue and 3D turntable imaging. 

      Only use with Elinchrom powerpacks.


    © Anoush Abrar

    Compatible with the Elinchrom system. 

    Here is a list of recommended accessories. See more of the amazing range of Elinchrom light shapers.

    • Extension Flash Head Cable/5m

      Extension Flash Head Cable/5mN° 21040

      This is an extension cable for all powerpack heads made by Elinchrom since 1979.

      Only use with Elinchrom powerpacks and heads.

    • Ring Flash 3000

      Ring Flash 3000N° 20494

      Complete with 4-pole flashtube, this ringflash freezes movement with a 1/2600 s. A Ringflash is a unique light source ensuring totally shadowless but concentrated illumination for high contrast or high key lighting. It is a very popular light source for fashion, beauty, industrial and advertising photography. 

      To modify the light characteristic into a semi diffuse light source, replace the protection glass filter with the matt glass diffuser (402.013).

    • Glass Dome Frosted MK-I

      Glass Dome Frosted MK-IN° 24919

      This frosted Glass Dome enables to soften shadow edges and is an ideal match to the Fresnel Spot 30.

      This glass dome only fits the Zoom flash heads and Scanlite Halogen.

    • Glass Dome Transparent MK-I

      Glass Dome Transparent MK-IN° 24918

      This transparent Glass Dome is the standard glass dome delivered with every Zoom and Scanlite Halogen head.

      This glass dome only fits the Zoom flash heads and Scanlite Halogen.

    • Flash Tube Zoom Action

      Flash Tube Zoom ActionN° 24083

      The Zoom Action UV coated plug-in flashtube offers a very short flash duration for action freezing photography. The new A (action) tube is a single twin-pole plug-in flashtube with even light distribution. 


      Only for Zoom Action Head.

    • Flash Tube Zoom Pro

      Flash Tube Zoom ProN° 24081

      The Zoom Pro UV coated plug-in flash tube is a standard 3000 Ws which offers a good performance for universal photography.


      Only for Zoom Pro Head.

    • Flash Tube Zoom Pro HD

      Flash Tube Zoom Pro HDN° 24082

      The Zoom Pro HD UV coated plug-in flashtube is for high performance with heavy-duty electrodes for maximum colour stability and heavy use in digital photography.

      Only for Zoom Pro HD Head

    Digital RX Specifications

    • Power Pack Digital 1200 RX 230V

      Power Pack Digital 1200 RX 230VN° 10256.1S

      This is the 230V unit version. It is supplied with mains cable and sync cord.

    • Power Pack Digital 2400 RX 230V

      Power Pack Digital 2400 RX 230VN° 10258.1S

      This is the 230V unit version. It is supplied with mains cable and sync cord.