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    © Tristan Shu

    Tristan Shu

    I live in the french alps, I like outdoor activities and sport (with a focus on Skiing and paragliding). I’ve been a pro photographer for 9 years now – pro meaning that’s my only source of income, not that I’m good at it...

    I’m a self taught photographer that was attracted by the mountains and the snow from a young age. I grew up and did my studies in Paris, and I was running out of the big city as soon as I could.


    When I finished my studies, I did a around the world trip that lasted 2 years with a big stop over in New Zealand and this trip had probably the biggest impact on my life and choices. I wasn’t particularly photographing at that time, but that definitely shaped the way for my photographic career. I really like to share outdoor activities with other human beings and even better if they’re friends, and this is the way I photograph today. It’s a team effort with at the minimum me and the athlete I’m shooting.

    Snowboarding and digital is what brought me to photography. I used disposable camera before to take snaps of me and my friends shredding, and when digital cameras came, that opened a whole new game for me. I discovered myself a passion that became my profession. 

    I am an enthusiast person, optimistic with loads of energy. My photos I think are a reflection of this mindset. I like photos with a lot of impact, contrast, colors, life. My formula for years has been quite simple: get the best possible light, background and composition to do the best possible justice to the performance of the athlete. It has to look good but it has to give justice first to the athlete performance. And recently I shifted even more on the content / the story / the idea. Beautiful, good looking is not enough – you need to have a great idea or story if you want to reach more people.

    Tristan Shu

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