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    © Frank Doorhof

    Frank Doorhof

    Frank Doorhof grew up in a family of enthusiastic analogue amateur photo and videographers. His teaching career skyrocketed when Frank joined KelbyONE. His classes about model photography are a big success online. Frank is now also an instructor in every PhotoshopWorld.

    In 2013, Frank published the book “Mastering the model shoot”, a bestseller translated in Czech and Chinese. He also wrote a book about small flash in Dutch, and recorded over 10 instruction videos. Frank is much sought after, and he appears as a speaker on many tradeshows and  photography events.


    Frank has an extensive learning program “learning with Frank Doorhof” with diverse courses, a guidance program and online video web podcasts. His teaching style is inspired by the late Dean Collins and is based on the principle that the language of photography is light and that photographers should be able to speak the language instead of faking it in Photoshop (although he also loves to use Photoshop of course). The workshops are taught worldwide. 


    Elinchrom is his favorite brand because of the color/output consistency, and great range of versatile modifiers. For outdoor photoshoots, Frank uses Rangers and Quadras.


    Due to his technical knowledge, he is involved in many beta hard/software testing. Frank is an Adobe influencer, DxO image master. X-rite Coloratti Master and a PSW DreamTeam Instructor.

    Visit www.frankdoorhof.com for daily updates with new images, behind the scenes videos, reviews, tips and tricks and much more.



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    © Frank Doorhof