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    Our Elinchrom Ambassadors


    Robert Coppa - Australia

    Fashion, portrait & commercial photographer, Robert is also a producer, director and unit stills photographer in the filmmaking industry creating short narrative and fashion videos.

    "Lighting is paramount in photography. Our job is to control it and shape it to create engaging and expressive images."


    Facebook / InstagramTwitter


    Stef King - Australia

    Beauty, editorial, and advertising photographer. Stef King has photographed some of Australia’s best and brightest talents.

    "It’s the in-between moments caught in the perfect light that I look for on a shoot. That's where I try to find the magic."




    Nick Ghionis - Australia

    One of Australia’s most awarded and sought after wedding, portrait and fashion photographers. Known for his ability to create beautiful emotive and timeless images.

    "Once you have mastered the technical aspects of photography, a photograph becomes more about storytelling and communication than what f-stop you choose."


    Facebook / InstagramTwitter



    David Robinson - Austria

    David is an action from England mostly working as a freelancer in action photography. Covering events and everything related in two wheeled sports.

    "Extreme sports is what put a camera in my hand, and it continues to be the driving passion to this day."



    Facebook / Instagram


    Lisa-Marie McGinn - Canada

    Fashion and beauty photographer specializes in feminine, clean and ethereal portraiture. Whether its dramatic and moody, or soft and fairytale inspired, Lisa-Marie aims to create a new vision in photography.

    "Photography is endless and my imagination is limitless."


    Facebook / InstagramTwitter

    Trevor Godinho - Canada

    Trevor is a published editorial portrait photographer driven by his passion for storytelling and dramatic lighting.

    "I shoot people for a living."


    Facebook / InstagramTwitter

    Derek Heisler - Canada

    Telling stories through still and moving pictures, Derek focuses on narrative above all else.

    "As storytellers, we have an ethical responsibility to tell stories that positively shape the world around us."


    Facebook / InstagramTwitter


    Antti Karppinen - Finland

    Antti belongs to a new generation of image artisans to whom all things are possible. He is touring with his workshops all over Europe and his images have been seen in various magazines and blogs.

    " In the digital era, the most impressive stories will be told in pictures."


    Facebook / Instagram / YoutubeTwitter



    Jaanus Ree - Estonia

    Jaanus likes to take things 2 steps further during his action photography.

    "I believe there are a lot of interesting things yet to be discovered in the world of photography."


    Facebook / Instagram


    Anthony Passant - France

    From digital creations, portraits to lifestyle photography, Anthony likes to experiment with light.

    "To me, photography is an art, a craft, but above all, it’s a passion."


    Facebook / Youtube / Instagram

    Tristan Shu - France

    Living in the french alps, Tristan loves outdoor activities and sport (Ski & paragliding). He's been a pro photographer for more than 10 years now.

    "Beautiful, good looking is not enough – you need to have a great idea or story if you want to reach more people."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Philippe Echaroux - France

    The Frenchman, originally from Marseille, has quickly carved out a path to find his place as a celebrity and advertising photographer.

    "Using light as a way of expression."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


    Marianna Santoni - Italy

    A real authority in this field. She is among the photographers and world's leading experts with the highest number of accolades received from the best digital imaging brands.

    "A good photo tries to capture the world as we know it. A great photo reveals the world as we have never seen it before."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube


    Eolo Perfido - Italy

    Portrait photographer and creative director based in Rome, Italy. Eolo runs one of the biggest photo studios in Italy and collaborated with several international advertising and communication agencies.

    "Sometimes you have to close one eye to see better."


    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter 

    Francesco Francia - Italy

    Francesco is an advertising, fashion and glamour photographer specialised in lighting setups. Official photographer for Playboy Italy he teaches for the advanced photography of Nikon School.

    "In photography, light creates the atmosphere and can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary."


    Facebook / YouTube / Instagram

    Marco Tortato - Italy

    Visual storyteller in commercial photography specialized in food, portrait, and wine.

    "I have always loved languages, and only later in my life I discovered that photography is the most powerful and challenging of all."


    Facebook / Instagram


    Mauricio Ramos - Mexico

    25 years ago he became one of the pioneers of adventure photography in Mexico. Since then he had the privilege to photograph some of the best athletes in the world.

    "Those that can see the beauty of light live in an amazing world. To be able to reproduce it is definitely an exciting challenge for any photographer."


    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


    Richard Terborg - NL

    Richard is a concept fashion, portrait and fine art photographer. His experience in these fields gives him the sharpened ability of finding the most creative solution to every problem.

    "Do what you love, all day everday!"


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


    Hans van Eijsden - NL

    Hans works with different people from very different cultures, teaching lighting techniques and assisting them with their portraiture retouching workflows.

    "Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    South Africa

    Brett Florens - South Africa

    Brett's devotion to photography has taken him from photojournalism to a highly successful wedding, commercial, and fashion photographer.

    "Being able to positively impact people’s lives through my education and photography is an incredible privilege."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram



    Therese Asplund - Sweden

    Therese is an award-winning portrait photographer who loves working with people. Whether she is in the studio shooting children and families or out working on one of her own art projects it is always with the same passion and dedication.

    "My passion is lighting but I truly believe it is when you master the shadows the magic happens!"



    Paul Lindqvist - Sweden

    Paul is a commercial photographer who specialises in food, product and portraits.

    "You can never be too prepared, never have too many backups, and never be too technical."


    Facebook / Vimeo / InstagramTwitter

    Stefan Jönsson - Sweden

    Stefan is a commercial photographer specialised in product and lifestyle photography.

    "In photography light is everything, and how you shape and manipulate the light is what makes a good photograph great."


    Facebook / Instagram


    Francisco Guerrero - Spain

    Fashion and social photographer, "Francis" has an exceptional talent for wedding photography. Great portraitist and illuminator, he is one of the promoters of boudoir photography, both in Spain and in South America.

    "The recognition of clients and colleagues is my greatest pride."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Jaime de Diego - Spain

    As an action, advertising and lifestyle photographer, sport is his natural habitat as a photographer. Jaime’s work is characterized by the use of flash to freeze motion and create scenes, showing absolute control of light and framing.

    "Light is the key to get high-impact photographs."


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Iñaki Lungarán - Spain

    Visual equilibrium between social, artistic and documentary, Iñaki takes wedding photography to new heights.

    "Wedding photography is one of the most artistic and documentary branches in the world."


    Facebook / Instagram


    Quentin Décaillet - CH

    Quentin’s deep passion for art and technology naturally lead him to become a photographer. Beauty and wedding photojournalism, despite being dramatically different, are the two genres he specializes in.

    "Lighting is the chocolate chips of photography: it makes everything better."


    Facebook / Youtube / Instagram

    Marco Grob - CH

    Working in New York, Marco is an Emmy winning Photographer and Director focusing on portrait and people photography.

    "It’s very easy to control light but it is much harder to be in full control of shadows".



    John Wilhelm - CH

    John loves to bring his fantasy to life with the help of his own family images and Photoshop. He's profession is in IT, but his true passion is photography.

    "Due to the fact that it's more of an obsession than plain passion, I like to call myself a photoholic."


    Facebook / Instagram


    Dr Andy Gotts - UK

    Andy used to say that photographing celebrities which have been captured 1000s of times before is easy. But trying to capture them in a different way is where the challenge is.

    "My photography is 80% luck, 10% talent and 10% champagne. The harder I work the luckier I get."


    Facebook / Instagram

    Brett Harkness - UK

    Brett's photography style is somewhat ethereal and soft. From portraits & headshots to interiors and social media imagery, he covers it all.

    "When shooting my portraiture in the studio or on location it’s vital that I use lights that I can trust."


    Twitter / IG Lifestyle / IG Portraits



    Aaron Anderson - USA

    As a commercial and editorial photographer, Aaron specializes in sports, portrait and composite imagery. If he isn't making images, he's probably with his family, or drinking coffee...or drinking coffee with his family.

    "We're not here to be normal, we're here to be awesome!"


    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube

    Emily Teague - USA

    As an editorial & commercial photographer working out of Brooklyn, New York. Emily's style is greatly influenced by her love for creating visual narratives.

    "It’s very special to be able to take lighting, emotion, colors, and play with them all to create a story. That’s what keeps me inspired everyday".


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Felix Kunze - USA

    Felix spends most of his time on the road taking portraits of people and aims to satisfy a fascination with science and exploration through portraiture.

    "Lighting enables me to tell the best possible version of a person’s story through photography."



    Facebook / Instagram / Youtube

    Michael Clark - USA

    As a former physicist, Michael has worked on both sides of the technical revolution – helping refine the technology and using it for his current profession.

    Michael uses unique angles, bold colors, strong graphics and dramatic lighting to capture fleeting moments of passion in the outdoors.


    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Yuliya Panchenko - USA

    As a wedding and boudoir photographer, Yuliya is known for her unique, cinematic style of imagery and for telling a captivating story in a single frame.

    "I use light, the way a painter uses a brush, to create a beautiful masterpiece."


    Facebook / YouTube / Instagram

    Become an Elinchrom Ambassador

    I love Elinchrom, how can I become an Ambassador?

    We get a lot of enquiries about how becoming an Ambassador.

    There is no established form or special recipe for becoming a member of the family, everything is possible.
    One important fact is that we love to be surprised by adventurous people.

    In general, ambassadors are recommended by local Elinchrom distributors.

    The best advice we can give is to prepare a sensational portfolio of your work and get in touch with your local Elinchrom distributor to introduce yourself.

    Build a relationship with them so that when an opportunity arises to join the Ambassador program, they can advise us and put you forward as a potential candidate.


    Remember, being a good photographer is not enough, so please, highlight your quality in all the surrounding fields such your ability to give workshops, your social activities or any other aspect that might help Elinchrom shine.