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    Improve your lighting with spot accessories!

    One of the main reasons that portrait photographers get into lighting is for an increased level of control; control in diffusing the light, and also in restricting it.

    Elinchrom fresnel spots satisfy many professional needs for sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography.

    The high quality fresnel lens allow a precise and crisp illumination. Usable with any fan cooled Elinchrom head.

    • FS30

      FS30N° 26451

      Offering very directional deep shadows with intense colour saturation, 3 dimensionality is guaranteed. Efficient optics and high Swiss precision mechanical engineering insures the highest quality of light. With a lens diameter of 30 cm and a variable angle of 20° to 60°, the Fresnel Spot 30 offers a classical cinema light, ideal for fashion and beauty photography.

      incl. an elegant rolling case for storage and transport.

    • FS30 Accessory Set

      FS30 Accessory SetN° 26452

      This accessory set enables you to take your creativity to a new level by attaching filters to the front of the FS30 spot.

      Includes 1x magnetic filter holder, 8x EL-Magnets, 6 coloured filters (yellow, orange, red, blue, green and light red), 2 frosted filters and 2 grey filters.
      2 grey filters

    • Set of 10 filters for FS30

      Set of 10 filters for FS30N° 26453

      Filters enable to create special effects via different colours or to soften your lighting with frosted and grey filters.

      Includes 6 coloured filters (yellow, orange, red, blue, green and light red), 2 frosted filters and 2 grey filters.

    • Barndoor Blade Rectangular 44x31cm

      Barndoor Blade Rectangular 44x31cmN° 26010

      Add more control to your lighting! Barndoors are ideal to adjust the beam of light to the desired position.

      This barndoor is compatible natively with the Square reflector 44 cm and the FS30 spot and also with the Softlite reflectors 44 cm & 70 via the 44 cm and 70 cm Softlite grids