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    How to Mount a Rotalux Softbox?

    Who thought it was difficult to mount a Rotalux Softbox?

    In this video, Gnigami shows that it's easy to complete the deed in just a minute!

    Filmed by Gnigami


    • Place your softbox on the ground (speed-ring down), allowing the soft box to naturally open up.
    • Use the palm of your hand to press the tension rod down, whilst maintaining the locking ring to the ground.
    • Pinch the rounded ferrule and slide it into the locking ring housing. Repeat for all tension rods.
    • Place the soft box on the ground (speed-ring up) and twist light fixture into place.
    • Mount your fitted fixture onto the light stand.


    • Reverse the diffusion material process and place the softbox on the ground, facing down.
    • Remove light fixture from the speed ring.
    • Flip the softbox so that the interior is facing up, and place back on the ground.
    • Brace the locking ring with one hand, press down on the tension rods to release the tension at the ferrule housing on the locking ring.
    • Pinch ferrule and pull out while pressing down on the rod. Repeat for all tension rods.

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