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    © Mark Cleghorn

    Outdoor Flash

    The Basics

    "Why using outdoor flash?"

    Introduction to outdoor flash photography.

    In this first episode, Mark shares his tricks to start easily with flash photography on location.

    He uses the classic ELB 400, a portable battery unit with extreme light-weight heads.

    Mark explains what you can do while using flash outdoor; add drama to your composition by overpowering the sun, make a fill-in on your shadows during strong sunny days or separate your subject from the background.

    © Mark Cleghorn
    The difference between the use of no flash and with flash.

    Mark's To Go Set

    • ELB 400 ACTION TO GO

      ELB 400 ACTION TO GON° 10417.1

      This set includes the new Transmitter Plus which offers simplicity, durability and reliability with the range now extended up to 200 m (656').

      Choose the Quadra Action head set when flash duration is crucial and you want to freeze your subject’s motion within the limits of the camera flash sync (X-sync) speed.

      The new ProTec Location bag safely carries the ELB 400 and accessories, and it can be can customized and reconfigured to fit the equipment.

      Not recommended for Hi-Sync photography.

    • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus

      EL-Skyport Transmitter PlusN° 19368

      The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus is compatible with most cameras offering a hotshoe connection.

      This device can control flash power from the Transmitter for EL-Skyport enabled flash units and offers a swivel function for optimized reception and powered with optional 2x AA batteries. 

      Includes: one 2.5 mm to PC sync cord and one wrist strap.

    • Q-Portalite Octa 56 cm

      Q-Portalite Octa 56 cmN° 26600

      This Portalite softbox is designed to work as a small beauty dish when used with the optional deflector set.

      The EL speedring and rods are designed to give good stability and quick assembly.

      For Quadra heads and ELM8 unit only.

    • Tripod 52-190 cm

      Tripod 52-190 cmN° 31048

      Compact, in lightweight aluminium this tripod is designed for smaller weights. With only 1.19 kg and 52 cm folded size, this tripod is ultra transportable and can easily carry Quadra heads or speedlites.

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