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    © Mark Cleghorn

    Outdoor Flash


    Let's go creative with outdoor flash.

    Explore outdoor flash photography.

    In this episode, Mark explore the possibility of triggering in Hi-Sync mode with the Skyport Plus HS while using light-shapers on location.

    With the use of the classic ELB 400, a portable battery unit with extreme light-weight heads, you'll be able to practice and continue to experiment outdoor flash photography.

    The 1st part of this tutorial, please click here.

    Mark's To Go Set

    • Transmitter Pro - Canon®

      Transmitter Pro - Canon®N° 19366

      The Elinchrom Transmitter Pro is dedicated to compatible Canon cameras.

      It offers fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000s, with HS / HSS and TTL / Manual functions.

      A visual display allow photographers to control flash power and modelling lamp and enable Elinchrom flash units and group settings.

      Previously known as Skyport Plus HS. This product is now named Transmitter Pro since firmware 2.1

    • Complete Grid Reflector Set 21cm (8.3")

      Complete Grid Reflector Set 21cm (8.3")N° 26051

      The Standard Reflector 21cm combines high output with a good spread of light and the included grids limit light spread and offers sharper shadows. 


      - 1x 21cm Reflector 50° - N° 26141

      - 1x Grid 8° - N° 26055

      - 1x Grid 12° - N° 26054

      - 1x Grid 20° - N° 26053

      - 1x Grid 30° - N° 26052

      Excessive heat can damage units and accessories.
      Reduce modelling lamp power when reflectors are used with grids or snoots.
      Grids should never be used with 650W modelling lamps.

    • Rotalux® Softbox Deep Octa 70 cm

      Rotalux® Softbox Deep Octa 70 cmN° 26187

      The ideal softbox on location.

      The Deep Octa 70 cm is an excellent crispy and direct light when used without the internal and external diffusers. Perfect for beauty and fashion. The narrow shape reduces the spread of light and offers sharper shadows compared to standard sized octagonal softboxes. 

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