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    Lighting With a Stripbox

    Learn How To Use a Stripbox

    Jon Adams shows you the knockout results you can get lighting a ¾ length portrait with just one light fitted with the Elinchrom 50x130 Stripbox.

    He shows it's rotating feature, using it with or without the diffusers and with the optional deflector set to create a more 'beauty dish' effect.

    Jon Adams To Go Set

    • Rotalux Strip Softbox 35x100cm (14x39")

      Rotalux Strip Softbox 35x100cm (14x39")N° 26644

      The Rotalux includes the softbox rods, black/silver cover, internal diffuser external diffuser, and the Rotalux carrying bag.

      Available Spreedrings: Elinchrom, S-mount Bowens, Broncolor Pulso, Hensel EH, AlienBee / Balcar, Comet, Profoto OCF

    • Deflector Set

      Deflector SetN° 26310

      These accessories can eliminate, soften or tone sharp shadow edges.

      The set contains four different deflectors ; gold, sliver, frost and translucent, each of 14 cm diameter.

      The Deflectors are not compatible with other brand units or Speedring adapters.

    • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus

      EL-Skyport Transmitter PlusN° 19368

      The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus is compatible with most cameras offering a hotshoe connection.

      This device can control flash power from the Transmitter for EL-Skyport enabled flash units and offers a swivel function for optimized reception and powered with optional 2x AA batteries. 

      Includes: one 2.5 mm to PC sync cord and one wrist strap.


      D-LITE RX 4/4 SOFTBOX TO GON° 20839.2

      The D-Lite RX 4 is one step up in the Elinchrom studio flash family, offering a robust case with ergonomic handle for harder working with larger accessories.

      With 400Ws, these units are ideal for small business applications, portraiture and for everyone interested in the most creative lighting.

      The D-Lite RX 4 is ideal for Hi-Sync photography with the optional Skyport transmitter Plus HS.

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