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    © Quentin Décaillet

    Bride & Groom Portrait

    How to use TTL - Part 2

    by Quentin Décaillet

    How to use TTL to light portraits faster than ever.

    On a wedding day, having the time to setup a flash during the bride and groom portrait session can be next to impossible. Let the ELB 500 TTL be your personal assistant to help your workflow.

    Once the flash head is plugged in and the ELB 500 TTL switched on, you are ready to go.

    The power of creating world-class images is now in your hands.

    With the ELB 500 TTL and the Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas, you can be ready to shoot dramatic looking images in less than a minute!

    When shooting on location in manual mode, be sure to start by adjusting your camera exposure settings. To avoid too many tests shots, I tend to enable Live View and adjust the settings until the scene and my histogram looks good.

    Once the camera is ready, you can control the flash with the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro. Turn it on, and then press the TTL button to leave most of the technical work to the Skyport System.

    Before firing multiple shots, be sure to capture a test picture and check that everything looks great. If the flash power isn’t matching your wishes, adjust it using the dial.

    © Quentin Décaillet
    The shot was created using an ELB 500 TTL with one head a silver deep umbrella 105 with diffusion panel.

    Easier and faster workflow wit the ELB 500 TTL.

    With less than three key clicks on the Transmitter Pro and then a few dial scrolls on the camera, we are already set to capture stunning images.

    When you need to darken the environment or overpower the sun, take advantage of HSS. Simply increase your shutter speed above your x-sync and let the ELB 500 TTL do the rest. Any image can be fine tuned in manual.


    Light shaper size and shape doesn’t affect the TTL exposure.

    With all modifiers, the final result will be properly exposed right up to the maximum flash power.

    © Quentin Décaillet
    Using HSS, the ELB 500 TTL enables you to set a flash with camera shutter speeds of up to 1/8000s.

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    Gear Used

    • ELB 500 TTL To Go

      ELB 500 TTL To GoN° 10309.1

      The ELB 500 TTL To Go is the ideal set to enjoy total freedom in a lightweight and portable solution while still delivering 400 full power flashes on a single charge. Freeze motion in action mode or use HSS, rely on the battery for on location work or plug it in the mains while shooting in studio with the Active Charge feature.

      The Elinchrom Transmitter Pro is not included in this set and must be order separately. Transmitters are available for Canon and Nikon. Other brands will follow later.

    • Transmitter Pro - Nikon®

      Transmitter Pro - Nikon®N° 19367

      The Elinchrom Transmitter Pro is dedicated to compatible Nikon cameras.

      It offers fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000s, with HS / HSS and TTL / Manual functions.

      A visual display allow photographers to control flash power and modelling lamp and enable Elinchrom flash units and group settings.

      Previously known as Skyport Plus HS. This product is now named Transmitter Pro since firmware 2.1

    • Umbrella Deep Silver 105 cm (41”)

      Umbrella Deep Silver 105 cm (41”) N° 26352

      Elinchrom deep umbrellas are manufactured using 16 fiberglass rods to maintain a perfect circular shape.

      By simply adjusting the position, the deep shape offers control of the light spread.

      The Silver umbrella offers a crispier light providing greater specularity and texture.

      This umbrella is 45 cm deep.

      For Quadra, ELB 400/500 heads, we recommend using the Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II for umbrella sizes bigger than 85 cm to avoid any risk of damage.

    • Tripod Air Click 105-244 cm

      Tripod Air Click 105-244 cmN° 31038

      The Click mechanism on these stands enables them to be stacked in both planes, ensuring that they can be carried in the most convenient way – either edge to edge or face to face to suit your carrying bag.

      The Elinchrom Air-cushioned system offers a very smooth and convenient balance between speed of use and security.

      Folded size: 92 cm