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    © Marc Weiler



    On a Sunday Stroll

    Photographer Marc Weiler explains the magic that happened during a performance of a BMX rider on an impressive iron "sculptured take-off ramp."

    Recently, when walking on Sunday, an iron sculpture with a big sickle in Rapperswil (Switzerland) caught my eyes.

    On one side, it had a nearly perfect take-off ramp, so I pulled out my smartphone, called Corrado Squasi, a BMX rider, and two hours later we were ready for the shoot just before sunset, including equipment at the location.

    © Marc Weiler

    I positioned my two Elinchrom flashe units ELB 1200 and ELB 400. I aimed the ELB 1200 at the main subject - the action while the ELB 400 served to illuminate the sculpture. I worked with a 1/1000s of shutter speed at aperture 4 (Canon 11-24 mm).

    The sunset did the rest for a perfect lighting mood.

    As a photographer, you should always have your eyes open!

    © Marc Weiler

    When the sun had already set, we changed the side of the sculpture. On the back, I tried to make the "wall ride" by Corrado as attractive as possible in the context of the sculpture. When it was almost dark, I finally shot a portrait of Corrado.

    My tip: Even on a Sunday walk you should always have your eyes open as a photographer!

    Marc's To Go Set

    • ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To Roll

      ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To RollN° 10315.1.EU

    • Transmitter Pro - Canon®

      Transmitter Pro - Canon®N° 19366

      The Elinchrom Transmitter Pro is dedicated to compatible Canon cameras.

      It offers fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000s, with HS / HSS and TTL / Manual functions.

      A visual display allow photographers to control flash power and modelling lamp and enable Elinchrom flash units and group settings.

      Previously known as Skyport Plus HS. This product is now named Transmitter Pro since firmware 2.1