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    © Mark Cleghorn

    The Litemotiv

    On Location

    "Daylight is so unpredictable, every shoot is different."

    © Mark Cleghorn

    By using flash, it allows you to mimic that light quality you need.

    Photographer Mark Cleghorn takes out one of the most famous light shapers in the Elinchrom range, the Litemotiv 190 Softbox.

    Check out how you can use this giant Softbox on location.

    Like Mark says, the creativity and the passion you put into your work is not only in fashion photography, it’s in your everyday photography.

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    The Litemotiv Softbox

    Mark's To Go Set

    • Litemotiv Direct Para Softbox 190cm (75")

      Litemotiv Direct Para Softbox 190cm (75")N° 28005

      190 cm of pure deepness. This Litemotiv is the deepest softbox available in the Elinchrom range.

      The Litemotiv bracket is not included and must be ordered separately!

    • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus

      EL-Skyport Transmitter PlusN° 19368

      The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus is compatible with most cameras offering a hotshoe connection.

      This device can control flash power from the Transmitter for EL-Skyport enabled flash units and offers a swivel function for optimized reception and powered with optional 2x AA batteries. 

      Includes: one 2.5 mm to PC sync cord and one wrist strap.

    • Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II

      Q-Reflector Adapter MK-IIN° 26342

      Enables photographers to use any accessory of the Elinchrom range such as Rotalux and Litemotiv softoxes or any other EL accessory on the Quadra flash heads.

      Beware when using heavier third-party accessories, as these might put stress on the Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II.

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