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    John Wilhelm

    & The Birth of an ELC Pro HD

    When John gets a new toy, he needs to play with it.

    We had the pleasure of seeing the result of his latest creation after he recently purchased a new flash unit for his work.

    One of the first things I could think of when I held my first Rotalux Deep Octa in my hands was "bees", or bee combs...

    When I received the ELC Pro HD 500 and was appointed Elinchrom Ambassador, I thought that it was about time to do something around this initial idea. I wanted to create some kind of tribute to the ELC Pro HD because it's such a great tool.

    "I wanted to create a tribute to the ELC Pro HD, because it's such a great tool."

    For this composition, I could use lots of Elinchrom equipment and practice my compositing skills!

    First I had to shoot the Rotalux Octa on a rotating table (3 x 36 shots). With these images, I created a 3D model in Capture Reality (a photogrammetry program I really love). At first, I wanted to sculpt the Softbox in ZBrush but the scan-approach delivered far better results.

    After the 3D scan, I brought the 3D model to Cinema 4D where I created the "Octa-landscape" and rendered it with Octane.

    © John Wilhelm
    Everything is CGI except the Girls, the ELC unit and the paper-top!

    A few days later, it was shooting time.

    First, I crafted the teared Octa Softbox top with an old paper backdrop. I used the Fiber Optic kit to bring some light into the low-hanging areas (which are all lit with the small Octas on the ground surrounding the main Octa box).

    © John Wilhelm
    I used the Fiber Optic kit to bring some light into the low-hanging areas.

    I told my wife about my vision of creating an intergalactic world where women were giving birth to the ELC head.

    And so as she is a costume designer, she created the two costumes for our girls with two old bras, a belt and two black shirts.

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    John's To Go Set

    • BRX 250

      BRX 250N° 20440.1

      An affordable multivoltage entry professional unit with short flash durations (1/2762 s), integrated EL-Skyport for remote triggering, power, independant modelling lamp control and many programmable options.

    • ELC PRO HD 500 TO GO

      ELC PRO HD 500 TO GON° 20662.2

      Recycling times are lightning fast at 0.6 seconds to full power while Swiss precision guarantees consistent power time after time, shot after shot.

      Equipped with an OLED display for an easy and precise user experience the ELC Pro HD benefits from cutting edge technology.

      Tripods are not included in this Set.

    • Rotalux® Softbox 50x130 cm

      Rotalux® Softbox 50x130 cmN° 26181

      This softbox is great for product photography, especially bottles and other round reflectives items.

      They can also be used for ¾ length portraits and are also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps avoid fall-off from top to bottom.

    • Fibre Optic Kit

      Fibre Optic KitN° 26430

      This is an essential accessory for small items flash photography, such as macro, watches and jewelry. The cables in which the light transmits enable precise lighting control.

      To prevent over heating and damages, switch off the pilot lamp soon after setting up, or reduce to minimum power. Let the system cool down every 5 flashes. Always monitor the heat level! No warranty on overheating damages!