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    The Next Level of

    Outdoor Flash







    The ELB 400 is the most complete and portable flash system.

    Please note that the ELB 400 has been sold-out and discontinued.

    ELB 400 battery, charger, Quadra Heads, cables and spare parts are still available at the Elinchrom Distributor. All Q-Accessories remain available and compatible with the latest ELB 500 TTL.




    Specifically designed for photographers who like to travel light but packing enough power to overpower the sun.

    The best flash duration is at full power where you need it when you are out on a sunny location.

    The built-in EL-Skyport system enables seamless synchronization between your camera and the ELB 400.

    The OLED display features a rich and quick access to all features.


    3 small flash heads

    • Full sized performance
    • Only 0.25 kg
    • Compatible with the whole Elinchrom system

    1 light battery pack

    • 424 Ws in the palm of your hand, for only 2 kg 
    • Fast recycling time, 1.6 seconds at full power
    • Lifetime battery, 350 flashes at full power

    Control display

    • OLED display
    • Intuitive control
    • Next generation built-in EL-Skyport

    Quadra Heads


    The Quadra flash heads are built to be as portable as possible.

    You have the power of light in the palm of your hand.

    Quadra Pro Head

    Choose Quadra Pro head sets for general photography. 

    They offer a great balance between performance and price.

    Quadra Action Head

    Choose Quadra Action head sets to freeze subject’s motion with extremely fast flash durations.

    Ideal for photography with some movement.

    Quadra HS Head

    Choose Quadra HS head to use specifically Hi-Sync with the Transmitter PRO. Hi-Sync allows you to trigger your DSLR camera up to 1/8000s shutter speed. Ideal to freeze motion for sports photography.


      • Q-Portalite Octa Softbox 56 cm (22")

        Q-Portalite Octa Softbox 56 cm (22")N° 26600

        This Portalite softbox is designed to work as a small beauty dish when used with the optional deflector set.

        The EL speedring and rods are designed to give good stability and quick assembly.

        For Quadra heads and ELM8 unit only.

      • Q-Protective Cap

        Q-Protective CapN° 25101

        This durable protective cap keeps the flashtube and the LED pilot light safe as well as making Quadra heads even more portable!

      • Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II

        Q-Reflector Adapter MK-IIN° 26342

        Enables photographers to use any accessory of the Elinchrom range such as Rotalux and Litemotiv softoxes or any other EL accessory on the Quadra flash heads.

        Beware when using heavier third-party accessories, as these might put stress on the Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II.

      • Q-Reflector Grid 18cm (7")

        Q-Reflector Grid 18cm (7")N° 26056

        This reflector combines a high output with a good spread of light while the internal recess accepts 18 cm grids. Offers one extra stop of light.

        For Quadra heads and ELM8 unit only.

      Add the complete range of Elinchrom light shapers.

      With the Q-Reflector Adaptor MK-II, the Quadra heads can fit the complete range of Elinchrom light shapers. From the smallest reflectors to the biggest Litemotiv softboxes. 

      Learn more

      Learn More

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      More about the ELB 400

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      Download the PDF manual

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