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    To speed up and simplify the use of studio and location lighting, Elinchrom’s Alliance partner in Japan, Sekonic Corporation, has released a new version of their L-478 light meter incorporating EL-Skyport functionality.

    The new model which is called the L-478DR-EL, offers wireless triggering and full power control of all EL-Skyport enabled Elinchrom flash units.

    Flash Power Control 

    Compatible with Elinchrom's EL-Skyport radio remote system, the new Sekonic L-478DR-EL ambient and flash light meter now allows you to control the power of Elinchrom flashes wirelessly. From the meter, users can measure and adjust the flash power, switch the modelling lamp on/off and on some models also adjust the modelling lamp brightness, for a wide range of photography, cinematography and video lighting applications.

    Exposure Setting

    The flash control screen is intuitive and very easy to navigate and use. Directly from the display, photographers can select and meter both single groups and all groups of lights, clearly showing the flash readings taken for each and with these, enabling the contrast range to be adjusted and the correct exposure set.

    Custom Exposure Profiling

    For the most precise control of light and exposure, Sekonic’s pioneering and newly updated DTS (Data Transfer Software) Version 5.0 enables quick dynamic range mapping of both digital still and motion cameras.


    For more detailed information,

    please read Sekonic's Press Release


    For a compatibility list with Elinchrom units

    please click here