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    Since 1962, Elinchrom has been developing a wide range of award winning compact flash units allowing photographers to experiment with light. Today, each set has been redefined to better suit the needs of photographers.

    Elinchrom’s sets revolve around the EL-Skyport system, the radio triggering and remote capability.

    This year, Elinchrom has created new sets around its latest El-Skyport transmitter. In every set, Elinchrom now offers its newest transmitter - designed in Switzerland - which offers power control, more distance range and greater durability than ever before: the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus.

    Configured with intuitive and clear controls, the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus is also powered by AA batteries, available everywhere.

    © Victor Gonzales

    The D-Lite RX

    The D-Lite RX range is addressed to both starters and more advanced photographers. The D-Lite RX One is destined to be the starters perfect creative companion while the D-Lite RX 2 and 4 are the perfect creative imaging partners in any new business. The D-Lite RX One and 4 sets include two sturdy stands, 2 flash units and 2 softboxes – one Octagonal and one Square. As for the D-Lite RX 2 set, it now includes two sturdy stands, 2 units, 2 umbrella reflectors and 2 umbrellas – silver and translucent. All sets come with the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus and can easily be stored in the hardshell case offered.

    The BRX

    The BRX compacts are built for professional photographers. These compacts are known for their control, power, speed, and versatility. With a maximum output of either 250Ws or 500Ws, these compacts allow you to freeze motion for the sharpest images. The BRX 500 set includes two sturdy stands, 2 units and 2 softboxes – one Octagonal and one Square. The BRX 250 set, includes two sturdy stands, 2 units, 2 umbrella reflectors and 2 umbrellas – silver and translucent. These sets also include the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus and a hardshell case.

    The ELC Pro HD

    Finally, the ELC Pro HD is at the top of the Elinchrom compact range with the fastest recycling times and shortest durations across the whole power range. In addition, the ELC Pro HD offers the most intuitive user experience with perfect Colour at every power level. The ELC Pro HD sets include 2 flash units, 2 umbrella reflectors, the Skyport Plus Transmitter and a strong yet versatile case for easy transportation and storage.

    Elinchrom’s product range is offered at an interesting price and with top quality thus allowing any kind of photographer to enjoy flash photography.

    Whether you use professional lighting as an aspiring amateur or as a professional photographer, these new sets have been designed to inspire and empower your creative eye and allow you to master lighting photography techniques.

    Learn more about Elinchrom compact flash units.

    © Paul Rousteau

    Please be advised that the following To Go sets may not be available for purchase in your country yet.

    Verify both the product number and the content of the set when ordering.

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