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    © Deborah Selwood

    #GearSelfie Winners

    The Elinchrom Photokina 2016 Contest

    4 weeks of creativity & fun!

    Throughout July 2016, Elinchrom has held an online contest to provide an opportunity for photographers around the world to show their style of photography and enrich our image-making culture.

    Based on the concept of a "Gear Selfie", photographers had to submit a creative photo where both the photographer and some EL equipment was shown.

    After receiving many stunning submissions over the 4-weeks contest period, Elinchrom is very proud to present the 33 best #GearSelfies bellow!

    All of them will be exposed at photokina in September.

    Congratulations everyone for your amazing work!

    The 3 Winners


    Jack Ngai

    "I am Buddhist, and my Master suggested me to do it this way."

    Prize: 1x ELB 400 HS To Go Set

    © Jack Ngai
    "Namo Amitabha" by Jack Ngai

    "The title “Namo Amitabha” is a tribute to the Amitabha Buddha, the name “Amitabha” means boundless light and infinite life."

    Gear Used

    Lighting: 1x Chic 1 - 1200Ws Powerpack + 1x Zoom Action Head + Litemotiv 120, 2x ELC Pro HD 500

    Visual: 1x ELB 400, 1x Quadra Hybrid , 3x Quadra RX, 6x A heads, 3x HS heads

    Favorite Gear

    The ELC Pro HD

    This compact range has a very fast recycling time with multi functions and short flash duration at full range output. Plus, you have a very clear flash duration information at each 0.1 stops.

    About Jack

    www.jacksir.net / Facebook


    Stuart Freeman

    "My studio can be quite a messy place at times"

    Prize: 1x Quadra Living Light To Go Set

    © Stuart Freeman
    "My Gear Selfie" by Stuart Freeman

    "I wasn't too keen to be in the shot, I thought I could show more about me by including objects to give clues about myself."

    Gear Used

    Lighting: 2x BX500RI, 1x BX250RI, 2x Style FX400

    Visual: 2x BX500RI, 1x BX250RI, 2x Style FX400

    Favorite Gear

    The piece I need to achieve my shot.

    In this case, the 44cm Square Honeycomb.

    About Stuart


    500px / Twitter / Facebook


    Tom O’Donoghue

    "I saw some really amazing entries with loads of gear so felt a bit uneasy about entering, I looked at what I had and how I could make it relevant"

    Prize: 1x Quadra Living Light To Go Set

    © Tom O’Donoghue
    "Catching Some Rays" by Tom O’Donoghue

    "The idea came from the Sun, it was really bright outside that day; hat & sunglasses weather!

    For the shot I used a tripod and a shutter release cable whilst pre-focusing the lens best I could, holding a small silver reflector to bounce some light back in."

    Gear Used

    1x Background Reflector

    Favorite Gear

    Light Rays

    About Tom

    www.tomod.co.uk / Twitter / Instagram