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Swiss MadeMade in Switzerland

Note: Images may present flash equipment with reflectors or accessories which are not part of the product sales configuration.

Style RX 600

The Style series are professional digital performance Made In Switzerland.

Precise repeatability with ultra stable electronics controlled by large digital displays is Elinchrom’s performance characteristic to now exceed the most demanding criteria. The range of Style RX 600 unit, with power variation from 600 Ws to 18 Ws, withstands the most extreme and demanding condition.

The combination of super fast recycling time, action freezing flash durations and the complete consistency of performance ensure that photographers never miss a shot.

NoteNew Halogen Modelling Lamps for Style RX 230V Versions!

Style RX 300 starting from Serial No. h/p 5037 and the Style RX 600 starting from Serial No. h/p 26329 are equipped with the GX 6.35 Halogen lamp socket and Halogen lamp 200 W!

  • Ultra consistent performance for every digital application (multi and single shot digital imaging).
  • 6 f-stop range.
  • Rapid recycling times always maintaining stability.
  • Action freezing flash durations at full power. Style RX 300: 1/2850 s; Style RX 600: 1/2050 s; Style RX 1200: 1/1450 s (all at t=0.5.)
  • Proportional, maximum, minimum and independent adjustment of the modelling lamp.
  • EL-Skyport: Radio remote control and triggering! Set flash power and switch on/off the modelling lamp with the ELS Transmitter Speed and the optional ELS Transceiver RX.
  • Unique control from an iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™ with the EL-Skyport App via the optional WiFi module.
  • Remote your complete RX studio with the EL-Skyport Software*, control up to 4 studios of 16 units with EL-Skyport RX or access extra features like flash counter or flash delay for strobing effects.
  • Low 5 V sync voltage protecting digital camera systems.
  • Optional cable remote control with large digital LED feedback display of all functions!
  • New dark grey, fire retardant, robust body shell encasing the cast alloy chassis.
  • Lightweight elegance for easy out of studio use.
*The optional ELS Transceiver RXUSB Transceiver RX and Skyport Software 3.0 are required.

Plug-in Flash Tube

User replaceable plug-in flashtube.

Elinchrom Warranty: Read More

Control Panel
Style RX 600 Control Panel