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EL-Skyport Software 3.0 — Overview

Swiss MadeMade in Switzerland

EL-Skyport Software 3.0EL-Skyport Software 3.0EL-Skyport Software 3.0EL-Skyport Software 3.0EL-Skyport Software 3.0EL-Skyport Software 3.0

EL-Skyport Software 3.0

Managing one’s studio can get tricky when many lights are involved. The Elinchrom Skyport Software 3.0 provides the perfect solution. The latest release of the EL-Skyport Software has been developed to help photographers with their workflow.

Available as a free download from our website, the EL-Skyport 3.0 allows photographers the ability to control all of their Elinchrom RX lighting equipment directly from their MAC™ or WIN™ operating systems. 

An additional feature of this software is the Photo-Job function. Photo-Job is basically a Studio where EL-Flash units, accessories and all settings can be simulated. These setups can be then saved and shared to other photographers using the EL Skyport Software 3.0. An excellent way for students or anyone who wants to learn more about photography to share their experience on photography forums. 

Download Software here

NoteThe software is available in English or German.

This version is not compatible with ELC PRO HD compacts.
A new version of the EL-Skyport software is planned for approximately September 2014.

  • Control of functions of all Elinchrom RX units.
  • Firmware update (latest RX units).
  • Programmable Timer.
  • ON/OFF Flash Counter.
  • Flash Delay.
  • NEW - Configure Sequential Flash: Sync up to a maximum of 20 individual flash units for 20 frames per second. With this new and unique feature it is now possible to work at any flash power to catch a moving sequence of, for example, a jumping person in up to 20 images. The best cameras nowadays allow up to 15 fps.
  • Standby mode.
  • Photo-Job Studio Management.
  • Pre-Sets saving.

Elinchrom Warranty: Read More

Control Panel
EL-Skyport Software 3.0 Control Panel