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RQ Li-Ion Charger Set — Overview

RQ Li-Ion Charger Set

The Lithium Charger Set is the ideal solution for all existing Ranger Quadra users.

With this smaller battery, the Ranger Quadra becomes even more portable than ever ! The Ranger Quadra now weighs a complete 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) less but offers up to 320 flashes at full power. The recycling time also improves when using the Lithium-Ion battery.

NoteAll documents for air transportation are available in the Download section of this product.

*** Never store a discharged Li-Ion Battery. Recharge the Li-Ion Battery before you store it for a certain time!!!

Lithium-Ion Battery Features:
  • Lightweight just 0.73 kg
  • Small size, just 15 x 8.5 x 6.5 cm
  • No memory effect
  • Up to 320 flashes at full power
  • Precise battery status indicator by simple push button
  • 1h30 hours charging time to full power
  • Long life and robust
  • High security circuitry 
  • Storage for spare part fuses on the battery top
  • Secure battery locking system
  • This product meets requirements of UN manual of test and criteria, Part III Subsection 38.3

RQ Lithium Charger Features:

  • Multivoltage
  • Included mains cables
  • High security circuitry 

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